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The Beastmen of Vana'diel

The beastmen are said to have walked Vana'diel since the birth of the five races. Created by the god Promathia, the beastmen hordes live scattered throughout the world in their various strongholds. Although there have been moments of peace between beastmen and the civilized races, the beastmen are most often set on carrying out the Twilight God's wish -- to wreak havoc on those who would bring peace to Vana'diel.

Beastmen population distribution
Beastmen population distribution
The beastmen hordes include:

  • Orcs - オーク族 Orcs occupy much of the Northern part of Quon, ranging from Norvallen, through Northern Zulkheim and much of Ronfaure.

  • Quadav - クゥダフ族 The Quadav occupy Derfland, Southern Zulkheim, and the Gustaberg region.

  • Yagudo - ヤグード族 The Yagudo cover much of Mindartia, occupying Aragoneu, Kolshushu and Sarutabaruta.

  • Goblins - ゴブリン族 These unique creatures live all across Vana'diel, making camp in both Beastman territories and human cities.

  • Sahagin - サハギン族 Sahagin live in the Western part of Elshimo island. Many families of Sahagin used to live across the two continents, but due to the decline in water quality and increase in pollution, their population gradually migrated South to Elshimo Island.

  • Antica - アンティカ族 Situated to the East of Quon on the island of Kuzotz, the Antica built a massive empire out of the heart of ancient Galkan cities.

  • Tonberries - トンベリ族 Tonberries live in the jungles of the Eastern part of Elshimo island. There have been alleged sightings of Tonberries way off in Norvallen and Fauregandi, but most accounts are yet to be confirmed.

  • Gigas - 巨大族 These massive beasts were hired soldiers during the Great War, and they continue to oppose mankind in every region. Their main forces are located on Qufim island, but Gigas can also be found scattered amongst a variety of areas.

  • Demons - デーモン族 Currently, Demons appear in the Valdeaunia region. No beastmen have formerly lived in that region, but recently the Shadow Lord has gathered many Demons there to assist him.

  • Moblin The Moblin are a tribe of Goblins that live in the darkest parts of Vana'diel. There have been a few that have ventured out of Movalpolos, their subterranean city.

Creatures of Vana'diel

Guillboire, a warrior who stands on the veranda overlooking Southern Sand'Oria, has extensive knowledge of the creatures of the world. Through his research, Guillboire was able to map the connections existing between these creatures. Beasts pierce Lizards with their fangs, Lizards swallow Vermin in one gulp, Vermin subsist off of Plantoids, and Plantoids disintegrate the dead flesh of Beasts. Birds snatch the Aquans away to die, Aquans gobble up Amorphs, and Amorphs feed off the carcasses of Birds. The Undead and Arcana oppose each other, as do Dragons and Demons.

  • Beasts - 獣 - ビースト Rabbits, Sheep, Coeurl, Opo-Opo and the like. They posses some kind of fur or hide and are mostly quadrupeds.

  • Lizards - トカゲ - リザード Lizards, Raptors, Efts, Bugards, and the like. These are scaly creatures that are mostly bi-pedal.

  • Vermin - 蟲 - ヴァーミン Beetles, Flies, Scorpions, Spiders, Antlions, and the like. They are covered in a protective carapace.

  • Plantoids - 草木 - プラントイド Mandragora, Malboro, Cactuars, and the like. These creatures are grown from roots but can move around.

  • Birds - 鳥 - バード Vultures, Cockatrice, Rok, Bats, and the like. Basically, anything that can fly.

  • Aquans - 水棲の者 - アクアン Pugils, Crabs, Uragunites, and the like. These are creatures that live in the water, in lakes or oceans.

  • Amorphs - 形無き - アモルフ Slime, Hecteyes, Leeches, Worms, and the like. These are slimy things that can change their shape.

  • Undead - 不死の者 - アンデッド Skeletons, Hell Hounds, Ghosts, Corse and the like. They are dead yet continue to move and act.

  • Arcana - 擬似生命の者 - アルカナ Bombs, Cardians, Dolls, and the like. These beings are not alive, but brought into existence through magic and sorcery.

  • Dragons - 龍 - ドラゴン Wyverns, Dragons, Wyrms, and the like. They hold great power and can live incredibly long lives.

  • Demons - 魔人 - デーモン Demons and Ahrimans and the like. They are evil beings brought from another world through forbidden magic.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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