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Disorient is a type of crowd control that involves confusing an opponent for a short period of time.

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Types of Disorient

Disorient effects are all functionally identical, and cause the target to wander around in a small area until the effect ends. For the duration of the effect the target cannot act or control the direction of the movement. With the exception of Mage's Dragon's Breath, all Disorients break on damage; Dragon's Breath will break on direct damage but does not break on DoT damage.

Disorient effects include Rogue's Blind, Hunter's Scatter Shot and Mage's Dragon's Breath.

Removing Disorient

Disorient effects can be removed with a PvP Trinket. Hunters within the effects of The Beast Within are also immune to Disorient effects for the duration of the effect.

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