eq2 faction:The Academy of Logistics  

  • Leader: Prime Purveyor Clazdok Gi`uul
  • Location: Gorowyn, in the Timorous Deep

The tradeskill faction for Gorowyn. Originally a conglomerate of military support divisions, this organization was responsible for the supply and outfitting of all the sarnak armies. Shortly after the establishment of Gorowyn, the task of training and supplying the social population was given to the organization, which was renamed the Academy of Logistics. To this day the Academy oversees all trade and crafting within the city of Gorowyn.

Toil created us, toil empowered us, and toil leads us into the future. The advancement of Gorowyn is of primary importance and the crafters of Gorowyn stand ready to support that effort in every way.

-- Prime Purveyor Clazdok Gi`uul

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