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EverQuest II
Romantic Gifts to Craft V

Level 2
When used
When used

Sold by Steven during Erollisi Day for 1g, 1s, 50c . He is found in East Freeport at -211, -56, 6 or Qeynos Harbor at 822, -23, 59 .

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Items in Scroll

Click on any picture below to enlarge it. Check our Erollisi Day guide for a gallery of the new 2012 merchant goodies.

A Plate of Erollisi
Day Cupcakes
Box of Assorted
White Chocolates
Desert Oasis Pillow
Giant Cherry Taffy Stick
Giant Strawberry Taffy Stick
Luxurious Upholstered Couch
Mounted Red and Pink
Daisy Garland
Ornate Urn of Sacrifice
Passion's Hanging Rose
Plush Upholstered Couch
Red Silk Pillow
Romantic Red and Pink
Hanging Fairy Lights
Supple Hart Leather
Chest Wrap
Supple Hart Leather
Supple Hart Leather
Supple Hart Leather Set
Front/Back View
Supple Hart Leather Set
(wings not included!)
Supple Hart Leather Set
Front View
Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.
(Introduced in 2012)

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