eq2 quest:Hunt the Past  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Hunt the Past (Solo)
Category: Commonlands
To start: ( -1033, -69, -565 )


  • NOTE This quest requires you to go to all the Portals to the Past, so we recommend you get this quest first. In 2015 all the level restrictions on Portals have been removed (although rewards were not adjusted).

Travel to the Commonlands. Speak to Tazstra K'Rzheett at -1033, -69, -565 just up the path from the Chronomages.

  1. Hunt gnoll pups for scalps (3)
  2. Hunt centaur courser for a fractured hoof (1).
  3. Hunt whiskered bats for fangs (2)
  4. Hunt minotaur guards for iridium ore (2)
  5. Hunt lava beetles for ember carapaces (3)
  6. Hunt desert asps for venom sacs (2)
  7. Hunt isle goblins warriors for copper amulets (2)
  8. Hunt Guk basilisks for tongues (2)


Your choice of:

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.
(Introduced in 2015)

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