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EverQuest II
[Scales] The Reticent Tinkerer (Solo)
Category: Unknown
To start:

Start this quest by finding Redd. He's in Gnomeland Security Headquarters behind a smoking door at -534, 175, 1013 . Knock on the door. Knock on the door again. Look for dialog from behind the door.

Lever Placement (click to enlarge)
Lever Placement (click to enlarge)
Gear Console Panel
Gear Console Panel
Binary Fluctuator Gears
Binary Fluctuator Gears
  1. Pick up the gas mask, which is to the left of the door on the ground, and put it on.
  2. Enter Redd's Abode.
  3. Hail Redd. Follow him. Hail him again for instructions:
    1. Step 1: Pull the gate lever to open the gates.
    2. Step 2: Come back here and load up a cannonball into the cannon, one at a time.
    3. Step 3: Wait for clockworks to emerge from the gates.
    4. Step 4: Fire the cannon and load up another cannonball.
    5. Step 5: Destroy enough waves and then close the gate via the lever.
    • NOTES:: This is really just a matter of paying attention. The cannon has a red outline when it's ready to fire. After you load the cannon wait for a "Target Acquired" message and fire quickly. If you get a "You've lost your target!" message it's probably too late - the clockworks are Epic X2. If you die you should close and reopen the gates and wait for the wave to start again.
  4. After you've destroyed five, quickly close the gates, run down, and collect parts for Redd, who is at a work area behind and to the left of the cannon.
  5. After you get Redd's attention, take the hoverlift just south of Redd to Klak'Anon: Redd's Request for more parts.
  6. You're supposed to get some parts, but an orderly steals your decoder, follow it!
    • We caught up to it at -101, 2, -61 .
  7. Check your map to find the mobs that update the quest. The tunnel you want is at -5, 0, -98 .
    • Kill six a drone shredder Mk II for the capacitor plugs.
    • Kill the Overseer around 101, -12, -102 for a lever.
    • Kill the Taskmaster around 155, -18, -148 for the other lever.
  8. Near the center of the room are two glowing columns labeled Master Cylinder A and Master Cylinder B. At their bases, in front of the protected door are two place to put the handles you looted (click them).
  9. Pull the newly installed levers.
  10. Enter the room and extract the fluctuator gears from the Gear Console Panels by first clicking the "Gear Console Panel" (looks like a metal plate with a glowing button), then clicking the gears up high on the panel.
    • If your character does not know the Tik-Tok language you will gain it after interacting with both Gear Console Panels.
  11. Return to Redd.
  12. Hail Redd. Follow instructions and press the red button at -49, 59, -44 when instructed. That's right: PUSH THE BUTTON.
  13. Holy Gearboxes, it worked!


OOC On Redd's worktable is a clockwork gnome. Pull its finger...

Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2013)

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