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Fear is a Warlock spell in the Affliction tree. Fear causes a single enemy to flee in terror, disabling it for a short period of time. This can be a powerful tool to warlock crowd control, although care must be exercised when using it.

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Usage and Requirements

When a victim is feared, they are granted extra chances to break the spell when they take damage. Spells that cause no damage do not break fear.

Repeated castings of fear increase the victim's ability to resist it for players (due to the Diminishing Returns Rule), but not for mobs, who can be feared indefinitely.

Things that affect Fear

  • Hunter pets of hunter's with the Bestial Wrath talent are immune to fear.
  • Priests can use Fear Ward to prevent one fear effect working over a 3 min period.
  • Warriors can use Berserker Rage to become immune to fear for 10 sec or use Recklessness for 15 sec.
  • Warriors with the Arms Talent Death Wish can use it to be immune to fear for 30 sec.
  • Forsaken characters can use the racial trait Will of the Forsaken to dispel fear.
  • Rogues can use Cloak of Shadow to increase their resistance to fear to 90%.

Talent improvement

  • Grim Reach will increase the casting range of Fear.

Rank Table

Rank Duration (seconds) Level Cost
1 10 8 2
2 15 32 63
3 20 56 1 98
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