This is a story of a land you know... and a land you do not know.

The Land where Martial arts chivalry was born.

A story of Nine Clans... Nine lost Heroes... and Nine Heroes yet to be found.

This is the Ming Dynasty - The Era of Nine Dragons.

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About 9Dragons

This Land holds many adventures, many wonders, and many secrets, some horrible and others beyond belief. Acts of heroism, romance, and fierce combat will unfold before you, like lotus petals, to nourish...

The seeds of The Dragon within you.

"What is 9Dragons"

9Dragons is the first authentic martial arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game. That means you shall not be alone in The Land - you shall journey alongside many friends, enemies, teachers and fellow disciples. The Land itself will be constantly evolving around you as new cities, quests, and special events are continuously added and updated. To help you immerse yourself in the true spirit of The Land, our design team has paid meticulous attention to the period authenticity of all the available cities, weapons, moves, costumes and locations used in 9Dragons. With this in mind, we invite you to venture forth and...

"Enter The Land of Martial Arts Chivalry"

Once you have downloaded the game and created your own unique character, you will soon find yourself wandering the dusty streets of ancient China during the Ming Dynasty. Talk with people you meet and you will begin to understand the lay of The Land, and the mighty forces that dwell within it.

"Learn Some Kung Fu"

There are many basic necessities you will require as you travel, among them eating, drinking, lodging, and meditation... but perhaps nothing is more essential in this dangerous world than learning some strong Kung Fu. You are urged to find a local trainer and begin your study of Martial Arts as quickly as possible. Mastering Kung Fu is the only way for you to survive the harsh realities of The Land.

"Enroll as a Pupil of a Major Clan"

Once you have learned some Kung Fu, it is time to join a clan, seek a master, and begin your real training. There are nine major clans in The Land, each based on actual historical clans, including six that new disciples can join, which include:

  • The League of Beggars
  • Shaolin
  • Wu-Tang Clan
  • Heavenly Demon
  • The Brotherhood of Thieves
  • Sacred Flower
Disciples who have achieved a certain level of mastery can later seek to join three advanced clans, which include:
  • The Union of Noble Families
  • The Disciples of Iron Fist
  • Black Dragaon Clan

Once you've joined a clan, you have set your foot upon The Road To The Dragon, and the whole world of martial arts chivalry opens up to you through a series of noble quests. In 9Dragons, the historic codes of martial arts chivalry form the basis for an unlimited number of adventures where you will meet unique characters, ponder noble truths, attempt perilous quests, and encounter terrifying monsters... the likes of which you have never seen before.

"Test Yourself in Battle"

If your thirst for combat is not quenched by fighting through the thousands of beasts, monsters and opponents that The Land has to offer, there are still more opportunities to test your skills... You can engage with your fellow disciples in Clan Wars, which are grand scale battles that pit your clan against the minions of other clans. Or, to settle more personal disputes, you can make full use of our Dueling Facilities and go head to head with other players. We also offer two options for general play:

  • Pleasant Servers - combat between players must be proposed and accepted
  • Player Kill Servers - the dangers of The Land are greatly increased in an "anything goes" atmosphere

"Follow The Road to The Dragon"

As you journey, your clan's adversaries will defend their hidden treasures from you with their secret arts, as one might expect... but unlike other games that have no final agenda, the elusive secrets of the lost Nine Dragons shall be discovered by those who seek them.

May the seeds of The Dragon thrive and blossom within you.



The game uses a unique leveling system, in which each level has 12 Cheng as a kind of sub-level system. Each time a character receives a title change (such as when leveling from Losing Self 12 to Gathering Chi 1) a mini-game is required to level, and extra stat and skill points awarded.

Combat system

In 9Dragons you have the Player-versus-Player (PvP) system, and Player-versus-Environment system depending on which server and which map on the server you are located. When in PvP areas, such as Bloody Plains, you can attack any other player except the players who are in your own clan. If you kill someone in a PvP area you can get kharma. if you kill a member of a white clan when you're black clan you get 30 Good Kharma,and vice versa if you are white clan. If however you kill a member of a black clan when you too are black clan then you will get 30 Bad Kharma, and vice versa if you are white clan. When you have collected enough kharma you can get kharma epithets. There is also an area called Cave of the Conqueror. This area has 5 levels. 4 are accessible and 1 is a secret, hidden floor. In this area you can have both PvP and PvE. When you enter the Cave you will get poisoned by the Conqueror's Mist. You need certain herbs to protect you from it and if you don't have them you will slowly die.

Blood Essence

There is a rare material in the game known as Blood Essence (BE). It can be obtained as rare drops from killing monsters. Blood Count, a number derived from how many kills a character has reaches its maximum of 999, the player will receive a Blood Essence and the Blood Count is reset to zero again. Blood count is also reset to zero whenever a player dies from being killed by monsters. Blood Essence can be used to refine or strengthen weapons (they glow brightly when this has been done). Weapons can be refined until +9 on the Nirvana, Asura and Bardo servers. For levels 1 and 2 of refinement, success is 100% guaranteed. However, from level 3 and above, there is a chance of the weapon breaking, resulting in the loss of the weapon as well as the Blood Essence used to refine it. However, half the Blood Essences used on the failed level will be returned. Blood Essence is often sold or traded at different values depending on the server. On Nirvana(US) the price is around 270-320 thousand in game gold (as of September 12, 2007). On Bardo(EU) it is around 100-200 thousand in game gold and on Asura(PK server) it is around 120-150 thousand game gold (as of August 19, 2007).


There are also elixirs in 9Dragons which can affect stats and skills.


Acclaim holds weekly events which usually involve double exp. For two hours all experience points are doubled for the duration. The rewards for quests are also doubled during this time. The double exp events always start on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 16 PST for Asura (US) and Nirvana (US) and at 16 GMT for Bardo (EU).

The second weekly event is war between the rival factions in which black clans fight white clans. The basic objective for both sides is to eliminate the others while trying to protect their own. The winning clan receive a 3 hours poison free passage to the conquers cave which contains many rare items and the strongest bosses. This event is always held on Saturdays right after double exp.

System Requirements

  • HDD: 800MB
  • OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP

Minimum requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 3 1GHz or higher
  • RAM: 512MB or higher
  • VGA: GeForce MX or higher
  • Connection: 56k modem(dial-up) or greater

  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.6GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1GB
  • VGA: GeForce 2 MX or higher
  • Connection: DSL/Cable or greater

Ideal specifications

  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1GB
  • VGA: GeForce FX5900 128MB or higher
  • Connection: DSL/Cable or greater

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