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What is A3?

...the newest craze and a fresh experience in online entertainment and gaming. Your perfect chance to become an online Icon, famous through the country. It is the English version of the popular Korean Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, played by more than 4 millions gamers worldwide. It is a premium RPG that promises an impressive gaming experience with high quality visual, audio and graphics.

What can you do in A3?

Choose from 4 class of characters

Mage - She is a pure arcane user who inflicts long range and area damage with nature's 3 basic magical elements - fire, ice and lightning.

Holy Knight - Balanced between close quarter defense melee combat and magic skills, he uses one handed weapons paired with a shield.

Archer - Armed with a bow and arrow, she is able to assault her enemies from a distance using fire, ice or lightning elemental magic damage.

Warrior - He is the master of melee combat. He is perfectly adept at wielding two handed swords, spears or axes. His aggression is matched by his belief that shields are for the weak. At that he never uses shields for protection.

Improve your character

As you continue to play, you can make your character stronger and look better.

Kill monsters... - To help you increase your character level, get weapons and armor. These monsters also give money.... yes in game money that can be used to do lots of things.

Town Merchants... - Just like in the real cities and towns, A3 towns have Merchants that would assist you with various activities.

Quests - Whats life without small tasks that reward you? There are loads of Quests given by the merchants.

Meet other people, Make new friends, Chat... - With loads of players just like you playing from all over the country, even your own city, you can just walk up to them and say Hi.

Add them as friends, set status, exchange items, etc...

Group Play

Town Merchants... - Just like in the real cities and towns, A3 towns have Merchants that would assist you with various activities.

Knighthoods / Clans / Guilds - If you wish to be a part of a gang or even form you own, use the in-game Knighthood option. Give your gang an exclusive name and even a symbol.

Own shops - Try your hand as an owner of a shop. Reap the benefits like tax collection from other players, etc...

Ruler of the Nation - Every town / nation needs someone to lead them. Form the strongest clan and take advantage of this status.

In-game Guides / Helpers - At every town meet the in-game guides to give you aid with any of the games features.

The possibilities are endless... Be someone more. Get evolved.

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