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Adellion is a world imagined and created by HonourBound and Adellion enthusiasts whom we can't thank enough for their input. Though the world classifies as a fantasy world, it holds many more similarities with our earthly reality than the norm of the fantasy-genre. In Adellion magic and other supernatural phenomena belong only in myths and beliefs.

Game Concept

HonourBound is creating a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set on the world of Adellion. This means that it will be a game in which the players can interact over the Internet and together create the illusion of Adellion as a real breathing world. Our intention is for this to be more than just a game.

Adellion will be a diverse and vast world with many possibilities and options for the player. In fact anyone with enough dedication should be able to directly affect Adellion's future. Founding a town, leading an army and farming land are all things which will be possible for the player to do.

Read the FAQ to find out more about the game features.


Initially, the game will be set on the island Aryiure in the Adellonic year 3200 TS. This is a time when technology is medieval and several different cultures dominate the island. Five of them inhabit the largest continent, Aryiure.

In eastern Aryiure lies Sala and the land there contains fertile plains, which give a steady supply of food. Salanians have enough resources and a strong enough military to stand on their own if they so require. A council runs Sala from the capital Salandorf. Currently the council is lead by Sir Malcym Crydee.

Western Aryiure is mountainous and home of the Tarians. Recently a former Salanian noble called Rahkzan has united these lands into an empire and has agitated his followers, against Sala. Those in the West who oppose Rahkzan and Tariana call themselves Tarans, which is an older name of the people.

The mysterious Dalmites dwell in the forests all over Aryiure and protect these aggressively if required. This has often brought them to conflict with the other peoples of Aryiure and currently they are aligned with Sala against the Tarians. The Dalmites are organised in clans and the main clan Kisami is lead by a woman known as Teila.

In the deserts of southern Aryiure lies Sakoia. The Sakoians have learnt to survive in the deserts where water is rare, but whose mines are rich in silver, gold and jewels. With its wealth Sakoia manages to maintain a great deal of trade and their leader Surric is treated as a God.

The Drulons live in the swamps east of the desert. They are a hardened people of natural warriors and have kept themselves isolated from the other cultures for a long time. Drulons hate Salanians, even though the wars and conflicts, causing this grief took place in the distant past. Drulons are organised in clans and their leader called Suva-Tovari has supreme authority. The current Suva-Tovari is Nalor.

Central Aryiure is sometimes referred to as the Bloodlands. This area is not unified and contains a few independent cities that often are multicultural. Largest of these cities is Caeril, which all cultures of the mainland have recognized as neutral ground.

Not long ago a new people arrived from the east to Aryiure. They came from the Kingdom of Aetha and are well-versed sailors and traders. But their waterways are raged by pirates, deprived by smuggling and plagued by a drug known as Capilis.

Further, devastating storms recently rose up around Aryiure, isolating all its inhabitants from the rest of Adellion.

To know more of Adellion's lore and history, read the World section and be sure to learn as much as possible about your culture of choice.

Our Approach

Currently HonourBound's staff consists of volunteers situated all over the world. We are working on Adellion in our spare time, because it is the game we have always wanted to play. We are aware that developing a MMORPG is a very hard and long road to go, but our devotion is strong.

If you are interested in Beta-testing Adellion, you should sign up with our newsletter.

For more information on our advance, please see the Development section.

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