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Have you ever looked up into the sky, and wondered what it would be like to explore the heavens? The classic film Explorers answered childhood dreams about building your own spaceship and launching out into space. Roddenberry's Star Trek, and Kubrick's: 2001 pressed massive audiences towards a vizual realism that would evolve into a trend of epics such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Serenity. In any case, epic storytelling takes the stage and audiences become immersed in a sea of imagination. Meanwhile, the Gaming Industry first explored Vectorgraphic, 2D side-scrolling, and then 3D interactive role playing adventures into Space. Landmark titles such as Space Quest, Starflight, Elite, and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter evolved the gaming industry to develop massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) such as Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, and Star Wars Galaxies.


  • Seamless planetary-to-space and beyond travel.
  • Open ended Leveling System.
  • Versatile "Be What You Want to Be" Role Playing with an open ended Storyline.
  • Vast Array of Conquest and Immersion potential in a persistently expanding Universe.
  • Spherical (non-linear) World Maps.
  • Player-built and run Outposts, Cities, Planets and Trade Routes.
  • 8 Races, with 6 combat classes, 5 support classes, and 10 professions (subject to change).
  • PvE anywhere and PvP on specific continents and out of Homeworld Solar Systems.
  • Unlimited Exploration Potential.
  • Extensive Crafting System.
  • 13 Vehicle types, ranging from Anti-Grav Boards to Battle-Cruisers and Carriers.
  • "Pay to Play" Standard & Enhanced Subscription Tiers.


Guardian Combat Tier

Guardian Support Tier

Guardian Profession Tier

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