Daimonin is a free open source Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game (MMORPG) under the GPL license, created in the year 2002 by using the Crossfire project source as a base. The main idea was to have a real MMORPG but fully streamed and with a core in the "rogue like games" and not in the MUDS.

This is a fast growing MMORPG which has loads of items and many dungeons which beholds a range of deadly monsters. Inside the game you can be a legend, fight with your blade, pounder with magic, fire arrows and more to become the hero what you want to be. Talk to people from all over the world and join with them to explore the world of daimonin. This is a fan site of the actual daimonin game, the official site is on the nav bar.

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