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The fragile balance between Darks and Lights is on the edge, strategic events are about to happen, Dark and Light Game Masters are ready to build with you a very active and addictive world....

Join us and discover the land of Ganareth!!

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Discover the First "Unique" MMORPG World

  • No zones, no loading time, all players within the same world.
  • A medieval world of 15 000-square-mile of land (not including seas).
  • A complete, original and easy-to-use automated transportation and warp system.
  • Hot spot management system: wherever you are in the huge world of DnL, you can call for or be asked for help to conquest, fight, defend...

Master Dark and Light

  • While experiencing three evolving axes for every character combat, craft and social.
  • The general progress of a player's CXP (craft XP) and FXP (fight XP) axes is totally intertwined with the progress of their commitment to the social axis.
  • Discover a real social game, where guild and community life involvement is rewarded with SXP (Social XP), and gives access to forts and holdings.
  • A guild system worked out for far more strategic groups actions.
  • A ranking system within guilds and the attributes given to the leader make the management and involvement in a guild a real strategy for every player.
  • Rich career paths: choose between specialization and versatility.
  • A greater system of title management, governed by the player's CXP, FXP and SXP levels, which allows you to become a lord, baron, count, duke and even the king, by bargaining, negotiating...and being smart!

Diverse Game Aspects Promising Numerous Challenges

  • Crafting, conquest of territories, fortress management, resource gathering, exploration... On a side note, never forget to swear allegiance to your faction!
  • A deep and refined crafting system to specialize your character the way you want
  • A crafting system based on five families and offering a great variety of combinations for recipes: tanner, tailor, armorer, blacksmith and jeweler.
  • A deep crafting system where players specialize in the craft family they choose in order to reach the highest performance in one or various sectors of this association

Become A Smart and Brave Strategist

  • To perform your fort or holding management!
  • The combat system allows you to assault a fortress
  • Maintain your fort and protect holdings to remain strong and powerful
  • Discover the economic system based on three elements: holdings, the extraction of resources and merchants all over the world.
  • Choose among 300 individual elements in order to rebuild your armor and try new weapons such as bows, rods, staves, swords or even, thrown weapons and dual wielding weapons.
  • Try new robes, chain mails and clothing

Choose To Explore the World of Dark and Light the Way You Want

  • Use the teleporting points which have been placed in key locations (near villages and places of interests) to move faster
  • Fly in the air without restrictions with your own dragon, glider and parachute
Do not forget to swear allegiance to your god, this may be very helpful!
  • Having a high faction can have an impact in game: increase of the mobs aggressiveness, benefits from divine protection...
  • Make donations in temples and be sure that your faction will increase!

Introducing A Deep And Addictive Storyline

  • To contain advanced management options
  • A deep storyline that allows rich and varied game options and opportunities
  • Discover the 13 realms: three non-PvP kingdoms, ten kingdoms to conquer (PvP allowed)... The Dark, Light, Al Drifa, Ysatis and Agnars kingdoms will be open at release.
  • Kingdoms beyond those will open as the players go along in Dark and Light.
  • 500 quests at release
  • Choose the race of your choice among 12 races, select your orientation between 14 classes, benefit from 27 equipment slots per character and many specific slots per skill
  • Entirely dedicated to evolve according to gamers in-game decisions and strategies: DnL game rules will allow gamers to manage their own DnL storyline, create their own events to set their plans of conquest or fortress attacks.
  • A Game-mastering team in five languages entirely dedicated to enhancing the role of players in a truly interactive scenario: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Discover An Unprecedented Immersive Environment

  • Original ambiances such as ice, crystals, volcanoes or elvish forests will be discovered while traveling.
  • Integration of motion captures for fights.
  • Immersive sounds and music which vary depending on the location, the type of transportation, and fights, among others.
  • A strong emphasis on immersion thanks to a horizon view up to a distance of 30 miles away.
  • Dynamic and unique weather management: a DnL day is 84 minutes... Take time to watch sunrises, sunsets, the Milky Way and constellations!
  • 480 days per year, with 4 seasons: real-time weather changes from snow to rain and to beautiful sunshine.
  • One sun, two moons and a constellation management system that change according to the time of the year, and has influence upon crafting!

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