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Dragon Raja is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been based on a best selling fantasy novel. Dragon Raja will put you in a world of fantasy, action and adventure where hundreds of players fight for fame and fortune.

How many nations are in Dragon Raja? There are three different nations to choose from they are The Duchy of Yilse, Zypern and Vyseus

About war:

There are 3 types of war. Snow war, Nation war and Castle war.

Snow war: Is a war that happens once a week only player's level 60 and below can join in this war players can be on the defending side or the attacking side. The defending side most defends their stones by stopping the 2 offense nations before time runs out, the attackers most breaks passed the gates and destroy the defending sides stones before time runs out.

Nation war: Is a war that happens every day all 3 nations most destroy each other's stones or get the most kills. The nation that has the most amount of stones left/the most kills or has destroyed all of the other 2 nation stone before time runs out wins.

Castle war: Like snow war castle war happens once a week but it will only happen if a lot of players vote for it. Like other wars Zypern and Vyseus are never on the same team but Yilse is always changing sides every war.

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