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Creation of Dreamland (Dream Year 1 - Year 10)

Long time ago, there lived a group of powerful Spirits, whose might were beyond people's imagination. They created the Dreamland for human beings, then left. Nobody knew where they were originally from, where they had gone, and what else had they done. After all, Dreamland is only a fraction of what they created.

Before they were gone, they decided to empower two younger gods, a boy and a girl, to manage the Dreamland. Those two gods were carefully selected from their College of Saint where many students and disciples get their formal training on how to acquire and develop their super power. They were the best and the brightest two students in the school. The boy's name is King of Darkness, and the girl Imaginary Goddess.

Even though the world is called Dreamland, however, there were no livings or dreams in the world. Those powerful Spirits had high expectation for King of Darkness and Imaginary Goddess, hoping they can enrich and manage the world by themselves.

So there they were, King of Darkness and Imaginary Goddess, living in this vast empty land all by themselves. They wanted to bring life to this world. However, there was nothing they could model after. Human being's world was too complicated and restrictive for them. They wanted to create something simpler, funnier, more harmonious, and happier. Then they had an idea. They made a lot of ornaments, pets and toys and gave them life. Those things turned into elves and soon after the world became so lively with many elves, everyone lived a happy and peaceful life.

Fall from Grace (Dream Year 10 - Year 500)

Time flies. Dreamland grew more and more flourished. The two gods were worshiped everywhere as Invincible King of Darkness and Beautiful Imaginary Goddess. Every year, there were grand worship ceremonies held to celebrate their power. The two gods were so proud of their creation that they frequently used their power to make the world the way they want to be. Nobody knew, however, their beloved and respectful gods were just two graduates from College of Saint. Conflicts were doomed to happen ...

Going Separate Ways (Dream Year 501 - Year 520)

There were many rumors going about the conflicts. Someone said that King of Darkness fell in love with Imaginary Goddess, but was turned down, so he started hating her; others said that handsome King of Darkness couldn't stand that beautiful Imaginary Goddess was more welcomed than him; even others said that King of Darkness got hold of some forbidden book and developed sort of power that was not allowed by those older spirit. Anyway, conflicts turned to fighting and destruction, the world turned into chaos and mess.

King of Darkness tried to defeat Imaginary Goddess and then became the ultimate ruler of the world. However, in the eyes of the almighty Spirits, those fighting and destructive acts were nothing but mischievous practice joked by two students. They didn't take it too seriously. They decided to leave it to the two young students to resolve the conflicts by themselves. So things got worse. King of Darkness continued his destruction and brought desolation and ridiculousness into this world. He formed his own army, called Darkness Force. Showing no weakness, Imaginary Goddess also formed her own defense team, called Imaginary Disciples. As time goes, two teams were on the expansion. Darkness Force composed of mainly crazy elves and humans driven by greed; Imaginary Disciples, on the other hand, had more human beings and adventurers from alien world.

Their final battle happened at Dragon City. Imaginary Goddess foresaw that she would lose this battle, so she told her disciples that no matter what happened, they should continue to protect the world and fight against King of Darkness forever. She produced a bright fantasy pearl before the battle and placed the pearl at Illusion Island, which served as the gate to the Dreamland for explorers and adventurers. The Illusion Island led to Wulong and Carefree villages where King of Darkness couldn't reach. She was hoping that by guarding the gate, her disciples can influence new explorers and adventurers to fight against King of Darkness. This was her last hope for the world.

Peace Bygone (Dream Year 521 till now)

After Imaginary Goddess defeated and dead, her super power became spiritual nimbus, hanging above the sky of Dragon City. As the two gods' prowess was more or less comparable, King of Darkness was also severely wounded even though Imaginary Goddess was dead. King of Darkness left Dragon City for fear of getting even more hurt by the nimbus. So he remotely ordered his troops to continue fighting against Imaginary Disciples. Until then, the almighty Spirits afar realized how serious this battle had turned into. Killing was strictly forbidden in their world. So they decided to punish King of Darkness and restrain him into a corner for soul-searching.

Looking at the crazy and un-orderly world, Spirits were so disappointed. They totally gave up it and left it all by itself. The story of Imaginary Goddess and King of Darkness got spread out among the students in the College of Saint. Strict sermon and orientation were conducted for the students to live peacefully with each other, and nobody was allowed to go to that deserted world. However, there were still some older friends of Imaginary Goddess and King of Darkness tried to save the world as alien adventurers. However, since they were still young and weak, they had to do this by stealth. Peace is temporarily maintained, what still come is eternal confrontation. Our journey starts here ...


There are four kinds of career to be chosen, Soldier, Rover, Scholar and Magician.


Of high defense, HP. A soldier could use different kinds of weapons, specialized in physical attack.

  • Warrior: With the extremely high defense and Hp, warrior is the shield for other player. Warrior could use every kind of weapon, wear heavy armor and use shield. He is the very character that every team needs who always stands at the first.
  • Fighter: Fighter is a profession between the assassin and warrior. The HP of the Fighter rank the 2nd, because of the fighters could only wear high level fine armor, their defense is relatively low. Fighters mainly use boxing sets and are specialized in different kinds of martial skills. Fighters are of height magic defense.


Of high physical attack and the fast attacking speed. Though rovers are of high dodging rate, their deference is relatively low.

  • Hunter: Hunters are skilled in distant attack, they are of medium defense and HP. Hunters may cause great damage to the enemy and they have skills that could attack group enemy. Though hunters are not very strong, they could use some weakening skills that cause additional damage to enemy's, resulting abnormal states to the enemy.
  • Assassin: Assassin may cause great damage to single enemy, however, they are weaker in HP and defence than warriors and fighters. Assassins are high in speed and are specialized in powerful martial arts. They are killers in the team who can get rid of the enemy in a short time. Especially those low defense characters.They are easy to be killed by assassins.


Of strong magic and large scale hit ability. Magicians could also learn curse magic.

  • Shaman: Shamans use stone skin to reduce the physical attack they receive to win more time for their dreadful magic skills. Furthermore, shamans has the magic to control, poison the enemy.
  • Hypnotist: Hypnotist is the master of every kind of control magic, or you can say, he is the commander of the battle.


Play the role of doctor, restore HP and help others to back to their normal state. Scholar may also revival other players and pets.

  • Doctor: Doctors specialized in restore magic. Players will be safer with him.
  • Poet: Poets master different kinds of assistant magic. They could increase the ability of the whole team and they also have cure magics.
  • Alchemist: Alchemists study the occultism, they skill in attacking skills and some assistant skill. They are the most aggressive among all scholars.

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