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Basic information

7 Reasons to Consider Fasaria World:

1. Intuitive World with Direction: Fasaria World has a rich story and a world that expands with your experience. This gives an RPG element to the game that provides a sense of direction and purpose. You never feel bored with not knowing what to do or how to get where. There is so much to do and learn in Fasaria World, you just enjoy the experience, not dread it. Fasaria World also takes out a lot of time consuming elements that often frustrates and exhausts your time and game play.

A. Every single item you pick up can be used and has limitless stack abilities. What this means is that your inventory will not be bogged down with useless items only good for selling or removing from inventory.

B. All drops are placed in your inventory automatically with an alert of what was picked up and how much. You never have to walk up and pick up anything. This makes game play so much more fluid and less time consuming.

C. A real time fighting system with power skills gives a more engaging sense of battle but still implements the RPG feel gamers like to experience with combat. Combat never feels mindless but doesn't feel cumbersome or overbearing. This removes the "grind" feel associated with many mmos.

D. Easy transport options with fast steeds gives you more time to play and less time trying to get to your destination.

E. Downloads are only a couple of minutes and patches are very fast. No need waiting hours to get started.

2. Never fight alone: Faction based party system allows users to be able to earn more drops and experience simply by being in the same faction and zone where other faction members are. No need to invite players to party, you can work together simply by being in the same place at the same time and rewards are greater when in greater numbers. You are rewarded, not punished for being in a group. Players can also hire a powerful mercenary to assist in combat for solo play. Your total leadership level will determine how powerful your merc is. (Leadership experience is earned as you use your merc and levels up with use.)

3. Own Your Own Property: You actually have a very good use for your property, in fact it’s a major part of the game. Every player will need access to their own property in order to take advantage of many features. In between your daily Fasarian duties, you'll always want to come back to your property to complete tasks. You can mine for nuggets, farm your garden, complete fairy missions, trade your platinum medals for rare items, hire workers to feed the poor, update your shop to sell items to players online, populate your land with citizens, collect taxes, plus much more.

4. Community based experience: We are working hard to build strong community support. You will always have an admin or friendly mod willing to help you or answer any of your questions on our discussion board. Members are nice and we work hard to maintain a friendly and productive community. We provide lots of community features for our members on our website and continue to build a rich site filled with helpful content.

5. One time payment, low risk: You pay once, no monthly fees. No need to fear any major commitment. We know you'll love the game and we know you'll be back. Pay once, come back anytime you like.

6. Updated content and expansions for free: We are offering all of our paid members full access to Chapter II once it is released. All paid members will have access to updated content and patches for free. No need to have to worry about paying again for expansions, you will always have access to the latest content and updates.

7. Play the game and have a life: What this means is that Fasaria World was designed to give you more freedom. Although we worked hard to create an engaging and fun filled experience, Fasaria World never feels cumbersome or overwhelming. You will always want to return to the game because of this. Not everyone has the time to dedicate their lives to one game. Fasaria World gives a steady progressive experience that makes you feel as if you can pace yourself, thus freeing you up to live life a bit or to even play other games in between. You'll always come back to Fasaria World because it makes you feel as if you have a choice to return, it does not obligate you with a cumbersome or exhausting experience.



A one year membership will grant you the following features:

  • Full access to Fasaria World 3D closed beta test!
  • Download access to FW game and updates!
  • Full access to Fasaria World community. (send instant messages, form clubs/guilds, join chat rooms, make buddies, update and modify profile and more....

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