Two thousand years from now, humanity has spread throughout the galaxy. Thousands of colonies have developed into star nations with their own technologies, cultures and traditions.

The Solarian League is a huge, loosely-connected alliance of Earth and her original colonies. The Anderman Empire is a militarist star nation founded by a mercenary; the People's Republic of Haven is a massive, expansionist empire whose colossal government spending programs have pushed it to bankruptcy; the Star Nation of Manticore is a monarchy with a strong naval and commercial tradition.

And then there's you. As the leader of a star nation, the future of your people is in your hands. You will lead a unique nation with distinctive character and people. You will set military, technological and social policy; you will design and build fleets of ships to explore the galaxy; you will battle other players for resources and planets, and protect your interstellar commerce.

But it's not all work. You can compose a national anthem, design your flag and insignia, and watch with pride as your star nation's sports teams bring home glory.

In the Honorverse, the possibilities are limitless as space itself.

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