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Throughout the planes of existence, the origin of all life stems from one source. It is a river of energy, flowing in all directions, bathing worlds in its touch. It is neither light nor dark, evil nor good. Its presence can be felt within the smallest of insects or the largest of mammals. It is both hope of renewal and promise of an end. It is the Soulstream.

From the very first death, all life has sought a return to the source. With each one that has passed, having rejoined the stream, came with them a perception of reality. The shadow memories of countless lives amassed over time and coalesced into a physical form, a planet called Kaos.

Echoes of the newly born world reverberate through the stream, coloring its flow with glimpses into other places and times. The word chaos itself stems from that mercurial panorama, where its shadowed layers in time all vie for dominance of the plane. Those glimpses have afforded man with some insight, however small, into the lives of other beings. What mankind has come to know as angels are in truth a race called Devas. Similarly, man�s demons are yet another race called the Al'gar.

Now those that die find their way through the stream, but their story does not end there. They are reborn onto Kaos, a new life with old hope, perceptions intact and reality in question. For now their mythical angels and demons walk the land, and the skies are afire with the streamers of battle. Besieged on both sides, caught between the light and the dark, their only hope is each other, their only future is war.

The Kaos War.

Kaos War is played from a 3rd and 1st person perspective with fps and action style controls. Unlike most MMO games Kaos War delivers real time action, allowing the player to direct his weapons or powers in combat.

The game offers a blend of melee weapons, ranged weapons and mystic powers and aims to balance out this blend by for example allowing melee weapons to be used to deflect certain attacks. (Although far from indefinitely)

A leveled player character within Kaos War is based on a balance between opposing abilities, such as: Strength vs. Dexterity and Constitution vs. Agility. These abilities can be improved by simply using them, Strength for example being increased by wielding a sword and Dexterity by using a handgun.

By using this approach to character progression Kaos War does away with classes and instead allows you to define your own class by leveling your character, achieving a certain balance of abilities and skills. An advanced morphing system causes the physique of your character to reflect his or her abilities.

The world of Kaos is above all things a living world, this includes frequent live events based on the state of the world, an ever changing economy based on the laws of supply and demand, a wide range of interiors and player housing, advanced guild functionalities, accommodations and other perks and meaningful Race vs. Race gameplay.

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