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1. The Land of Zeniken

The origin and creation of Zeniken has remained a mystery for thousands of years. Some people believed that a catastrophic cosmic explosion in the deep Orgim Ocean rose the land from the ocean floor, and some others believed that Zeniken was created by a single powerful mysterious entity. Although the exact origin of this mysterious land has remained uncertain, it is clear that 2 different races, human and orc, had been peacefully live in and share the land together. Ruled by their wise king, Leorudius, humans were able to strengthen their civilization with advanced technologies and machineries. Orcs also became stronger with their improved weaponries. As the two races became stronger and more numerous, their demands for resources to support their own kind became more and more intense each day. The tension between the two seemed to break out in the near future, and some of the extreme advocates from each side began to plan their tactics to over power the other race.

2. The Twisted Minds, Berserk

Among the humans, there was a group of extremist. They were the Berserks; they were composed of rural aream farmers whom often had been harassed by Orcs from time to time. The Orcs would steal foods, animals, and lumbers from the farmers. The Berserks were formed as an organization to scout the area and protect their properties, but the extreme members see all Orcs as enemies and foes. The extreme Berserks managed to throw out their leader and obtained control over the entire organization to execute their bloody plans. The newly formed extreme Berserks planed their massive homicides on the close by Orc villages. In a dark night, the extremist quietly gathered outside an Orc village and stormed the village with their lethal blades and swords. They killed every single Orc they spotted. All men, Women, and Children were all slugged by the blood drunk Berserk maniacs. The Berserks celebrated their victories by hanging the head of each Orc they killed. The outrage of Berserk's broke out the very next day, and the entire Orc race started armoring and preparing to go into the bloodiest war in history with the humans.

3. The Abyss Age

Leorudius sent one of his generals to arrest the Berserk leader for his outrageous acts and sent him to Orcs in order to negotiate peace and avoid war. Orcs denied Leorudius apology and killed the general who represented him. Orcs were actually waiting for the human to draw the first blood, so that they would have a compelling reason to launch their attacks on humans to secure various resource sites. Leorudius also knew that a war was inevitable because he knew that Orcs had been waiting for their chances to take over the resource sites that human occupied for hundreds of years. The chaos began as the two giant forces entered war, and people call this age the Abyss Age (A.A.). After countless battles and numerous deaths, soldiers and warriors did not even know the purposes that they were fighting for anymore. Killing the other race became their instincts; they did not need any reason to killing their counterparts because they knew that that killing is the only way to ensure their own survivals. Zeniken, once the peaceful land, became a land covered with bodies and flooded with blood, and the Abyss Age seemed to be an age that will never end.

4. The Juliana Homicide

The time was A.A. 219, and the two races had been in war for more than two hundred years. Although the killings and hates between the two races seemed to be impossible to resolve, love sometimes still could be grown between the two. Juliana was a daughter of a doctor lived in human village. Juliana would go to the valley to gather various medicine ingredients for her father everyday. One day Juliana went to the valley to gather ingredients as usual, but this time she found herself lost and surrounded by a group of hungry wolfs. The wolfs were ready to tear her apart and swallow her piece by piece. As one of the wolf jumped toward Julian's position, an arrow shot straight into that wolf's neck and killed it. Many more arrows traveled through the sky and shot into each wolf's body; Juliana was saved at the very last second. She looked up the hill and saw a young Orc looking back to her. She was nervous and scared because it was an Orc standing in front of her. The young Orc approached the terrified human girl and introduced himself. His name was Saloza, an Orc prince. Prince Saloza escrowed Juliana back to outside of the village, and told her that he will be around the area every time she enters valley to ensure her safety. The two youngsters started seeing each other daily and love eventually grown between the two. Unfortunately, their love did not last long. Juliana was spotted by another villager when she was meeting with Saloza, and the rumor separated out quickly. The villagers brought Juliana to the court in the city, and the judge ruled that Juliana shall be punished to death for her immoral acts on engaging an Orc male. Juliana was lacked down in a wooden cage and thrown into the Kiladon Lake, and the young Juliana was drowned and died under the deep Kiladon Lake. Prince Saloza soon received the sad news, and he was unable to bear with such tragedy. Prince Saloza couldn't release his anger and sadness, and he needed someone to blame on. He decided to attack and kill the entire village that sent Juliana to the court. Prince Saloza soon organized his army and attacked the village and arrested all villagers. Saloza wanted the villagers to suffer the same pain that they gave to Juliana, so he put every villager inside cages and drown them into the Kiladon Lake. People call this incident "The Juliana Homicide"; it was dated on A.A. 221.

5. Reopening the Lich Gate

However, Prince Saloza and Orcs did not know that their actions had an severe consequence. Kiladon Lake had a mystery itself, and this secret had been forgotten by both humans and orcs after several generations of war. Under Kiladon Lake, there was a Lich Gate which connected the underworld and Zeniken. In the beginning of the universe, mighty gods exile the demons to the underworld through the Lich Gate. The gods lacked down the Lich Gate and turned its location into the Kiladon Lake, so the gate is forever hidden under the deep water. The Lich Gate could only be unlacked by absorbing tremendous amount of energy from hateful or unholy spirits, and the villagers whom were killed by Prince Saloza became the the hateful spirits that unlack the Lich Gate once again. The demons on the other side of the Lich Gate had been waiting tens of thousands of years for the gate to be opened, so that they could have their grips on the Zeniken Land again. As Prince Saloza drowned the last villager, the Lich Gate was reopened, and the demons soon rose again. Prince Saloza and his warriors were shocked by the demons. The demons were strong and fast, and the Orc army was not able to compete with them. Prince Saloza commanded his troops and fought against the demons, but he finally failed in the end. Prince Saloza retreated back to the forest where he would gather stronger force to defend his kingdom. Becayse if the Juliana Homicide, Pit Lord, the ruler of all demons, finally set his foot on Zeniken soil again after his exile.

6. The New King, Aristo

After the reopening of Lich Gate, humans and orcs had to put their own resource war aside and protect their own kingdoms from demons. In the beginning of the battles against demons, human were divided internally. After centuries of war against orc, human kingdom was ruled by different warlords, and each warlord owned different groups of army and occupied different territories. They hardly had consensus on anything, even on the war against demons. Some of the warlord asserted that Hammerhuman form defensive alliance with orc; some warlord asserted that human fight against both orc and demons; so even asserted surrenders. The warlords decided to host a tournament which everyone was allowed to join. Competitors within this tournament will compete for their power and combat skills, and the winner will become the leader of the entire human warlord alliance; all warlords would have to obey the commands of the new hero. The tournaments lasted for 7 days and 7 nights, and there was only one person still standing on the 8th day; his name was Aristo. Aristo was the son of a fallen human warlord. Aristo's father died from one of the most bloody battles again orc, and Aristo witnessed the death of his own father. Aristo dedicated his life studying military strategy and combat skill after he resumed his father's place. Aristo became the lord of all warlords, the new hero and the new king of human. He decided to fight against demon and orc rather than forming alliance with orc because he believed that his kingdom could not share any resource with any other race at the time. Every resource point was crucial to their survivals, and he will conduct his force to not only protect their own but also take over the ones belong to the demon and orc.

7. The New Era

A.A. 224 was a new era for the land of Zeniken. The land was occupied by 3 giant brutal forces: human, orc, and demons. The demons led by Pit Lord were planning to kill every living being on this land and turn them into one of their own kind. The orcs led by Prince Saloza, regretting what he had done, were continuously enhancing their weaponries, and they were aiming to drive the demon back to the other side of the Lich Gate. Aristo and the rest of the human were working hard to reconsolidate their own differences and opinions; they also aimed to defeat the demons, but they also needed to secure as many resource points as possible from the orcs. Zeniken would only covered by more and more blood and bodies because of the battles and wars among the 3 force. No one knew who will be the person that over powers all others and brings the peace back to the land of Zeniken once again. As the 3 forces established their grips, the new era began.

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