The objective of the game is to kill your opponents by setting water balloons that pop and release water both vertically and horizontally. Being exposed to the water causes one to become trapped in a bubble. If a teammate makes contact with him or her, the player is released from the bubble. If an opponent does the same, however, or if the player doesn't make any contact within a short period of time, the player dies, putting him or her out of play (or not, depending on the mode of gameplay).

Up to eight people can battle in a room either by Manner or Free mode. But in other cases, there is a limit. For example, in Village 10, there can only be 6 people at a time, considering that there is no more room to spawn in that area. In Manner mode, teams are evenly divided by color. Free mode allows teams to be arranged in any way that suits the players.

Experience points are awarded for completing a match, more for a victory than a draw which gives more experience points than a loss, and gaining enough points will result in a level-up. Different channels are available for specific groups of levels.

Types of play

In all the modes, teams are available, but each mode has different roles for teams.

Normal Type: This game mode features a straightforward multiplayer bomberman game. The winner is determined by the team who "pops" the other teams' players after they are consumed by the water from the water bomb.

Hedgehog: In this mode, once a player is "popped", he or she is transformed into a hedgehog which can pop water bombs upon contact. Once turned into a hedgehog, a player will not be traped in a bubble on contact with water, but will be unable to move for a while. They will also always save a player (in a bubble) it touches regardless of their color. Hedgehogs can also eliminate ghosts on the cemetery and tomb levels (but then disappear). Hedgehogs cannot use bombs.

Catch the Leader: In this particular mode, one player of each team is given a Flag of their team color to indicate that they are the leader. Once the leader is defeated, every member of that person's team dies.

Combo Mode: Combo Mode features the revival of defeated opponents. The team with the most kills within the time period gets the 'crown' and wins the match. If all teams have the same amount of kills, then the winner is the team who did not die as often.

Time Bomb: In Time Bomb mode, one person is randomly chosen to carry a bomb on their head. That person must then touch another player, regardless of color, and then the person who got touched will carry the bomb. If a player doesn't touch another player before the five second time limit, water will burst around them and they will be trapped in a bubble and another person will be chosen again.

Monster: All of the players are on one team and they have to work together to defeat monsters before the time runs out. There are three stages: the first two have monsters and the last one has the boss. If you defeat the boss, lots of lucci, money that you can spend afterwards at the shop, will appear as an award. Also, the one who popped the boss will be awarded extra lucci, the amount of which is determined by each map.

Zombie: In Zombie mode, you battle zombies which are players that are controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Prior to battling, you can customize their levels for difficulty, and different zombies for different attributes. For example, the purple gorilla starts with a greater range, but only one balloon, compared to the green zombie, who starts with two balloons but smaller range. When victorious, certain amount of lucci is given to the player, and zombie points which can be used to unlock different zombies.

Boss Turtle: This recently-launched mode features 3 levels: the first two levels in which the player must "paralyze" all the stars with his/her bombs and the final Boss Mode, in which the player attempts to defeat the Boss Turtle by constantly laying bombs on it.

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