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TCoS is an upcoming MMORPG being developed by Spellborn International Ltd. using the renowned Unreal Engine. Essentially TCoS is a game in which players choose to assume the role of a hero in a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy world.

Within hollow rock-realms known as Shards, floating in the confines of the magical Deadspell Storm, a civilization consisting of humans and daevi struggles to rediscover the pieces of a shattered world. Multiple Shards are known to this civilization, called the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. Other Shards are known to a few of the Enclaves elite, and some are almost certainly myths grown out of the struggle to survive in the aftermath of the destruction of the Ancestor World. The Deadspell Storm is thought to have caused the destruction of the Ancestor World by some, while others believe that it is the result of the destruction. It is possible that the Oracle knows of the truth, however this knowledge has never been shared with the citizens of the Enclave.

The Enclave is an alliance of five High Houses. The political balance is relatively stable, however the Houses vie with each other for power on a regular basis. The citizens of the Enclave believe in cooperation, as long as it furthers the ideals of their own allegiances. As a result they form a united front against external threats. Once a threat has been controlled or mollified, the political infighting becomes intense. While terms of good and evil mean little, who your allies are at a given moment is of the utmost importance. In this unique setting the player quickly becomes part of the struggle to rediscover pieces of a shattered world, the intrigues of the High Houses and the exploration of Shards and long-forgotten places through Ancestral Quests.

While TCoS shares aspects of game play which may be familiar to individuals who have played other MMORPGs, we have focused on designing a game with a unique story which looks, sounds, and (most importantly) plays differently. You can see it in the art style: a balance of realistic vs. cartoon fantasy. This is the "European Style" we've aimed to achieve. The entire art and level design team has adapted everything from models and objects to textures and lighting to create a fantastic world in an original style. There's no single other game which shares this particular blend of styles. We've got an entirely original score composed by Jesper Kyd who has been critically acclaimed for hit work on titles such as the Hitman series. Complimenting this, we've taken a subtle vision of ambient sound and turned it into what sounds like a world. Samples of the most otherworldly and yet oddly familiar sounds have been crafted with care to further mold the way you perceive the environments.

Our philosophies in design and game play have been focused on a goal: easy to play, difficult to master. We don't want to make a game so difficult to get into that nobody will take the time, yet at the same time we don't want boredom to ever set in. While this is easier said than done, we consider this to be the ultimate measure of our work, and we take it very seriously. In addition to this here's a short list of interesting game play elements: PvP combat on varying levels with a measure of skill not present in any other MMORPG, no more "fire-and-forget" play where you go let the dog out while fighting, the ability to influence the world and unlock new content with your House while competing against others, in-town statues of characters which can be won in multiple ways,...and that's just a few.

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