pulling (WoW)  

Pulling is the act of starting a battle, usually by single targeting a monster out of a group to bring said group to your party, hence 'pulling' them toward you.

Pulling can be quick complicated, since it will often requires a good situational awareness as well as a good understanding of aggro range and the links between mob.

Pulling is usually done by the Tank of the instance, since the initial aggro from the pull help him consolidate threat for the reminder of the battle. However, Hunters have several abilities design to help them be good pullers, are often used as such.

While pulling is usually done with a ranged abilities, 'body' or 'proximity' pull can also be done, simply by moving close enough to the aggro range of the mob. Mages are also something requires to use polymorph to pull.

Priest's Mind Control is sometimes used to pull with, the controlled mob gets attacked by all mobs in its group and gets killed fairly quickly, making the group much weaker and easier to handle by the players.

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