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Rage represents your anger and power, and is used to activate nearly all Warrior and Bear Form Druid abilities. Rage is generated by autoattacking an opponent, taking damage, and a handful of abilities.

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Rage Generation

Rage is generated in one of three ways;

  1. Dealing damage.
  2. Being damaged.
  3. Using certain abilities, talents or items.

The amount of damage needed to generate a single point of Rage increases with level; a level 10 character will need to deal (or take) much less damage than a level 70 character needs in order to generate any Rage.

Rage Generation from Dealing Damage

Weapon Factors
Type Factor Simplified Factor
Mainhand Crit 7 3.5
Mainhand Hit 3.5 1.75
Offhand Crit 3.5 1.75
Offhand Hit 1.75 0.875
Whenever you autoattack and deal white damage, your character will gain Rage. Note that Rage is not gained for ranged attacks (such as shooting a bow) or for yellow attacks, including ones like Heroic Strike.

The formula for calculating Rage when dealing damage has been normalized since Patch 2.0, and as such is not wholly dependent upon the damage you deal and is instead averaged against a set amount based on weapon speed. The simplified formula for Rage generation is;

Rage = damage * 15 / 4 * rage conversion value + weapon speed * weapon factor / 2

At level 70, the rage conversion value is 274.7, which gives us a simplified formula of;

Rage = damage / 73.25 + weapon speed * simplified weapon factor

For mainhand hits, the formula simply becomes;

Rage = damage / 73.25 + weapon speed * 1.75

Rage Generation from Taking Damage

Rage is also generated whenever you take damage. The formula for Rage generation from incoming damage is;

Rage = damage * 5 / 2 * rage conversion value

At level 70, the rage conversion value is 274.7, which gives us a simplified formula of;

Rage = damage / 109.88

Rage Generation from Items/Talents/Abilities

Some items, talents and abilities will generate Rage when used. A brief but not exhaustive list includes;

Rage Loss

Rage is lost whenever your character is out of combat, at a rate of three rage lost every three seconds. Warriors can mitigate this loss by training Anger Management to generate one point of rage every three seconds regardless of if they're in combat or out; while out of combat, this has the effect of reducing your rage loss to two points every three seconds.

Rage is also lost whenever shifting stances or leaving Bear Form. By default, all Rage is lost; however, Warriors can learn Stance Mastery to innately retain 10 Rage, as well as investing in the talent Tactical Mastery to retain an additional 5 Rage per rank. Druids cannot retain any Rage, but can train Furor to gain 10 Rage whenever transforming into Bear Form.

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