rift quest:Corp of the Mighty  

Carnival of the Ascended
World Event

Patch 1.7
This quest is only available to Guardians.

When receiving this quest for the first time, right-click a Greater Guardian Might Core, looted from the Guardian Might Cores along dragon parade routes, to begin the quest. Parades can be found by looking for Guardian Ally shield icons on the map. As a parade passes by a gathering location on its route a crowd and the cores will both appear.

Known Parade Routes:
  • Through the middle of Argent Glade in Silverwood
  • Gloamwood Pines in Gloamwood

Take the Greater Guardian Might Core to Aenycha, found just outside of Sanctum in Silverwood. The reward is 5 Glass Beads.

The repeatable version of this quest will progress the Guardian goal for this phase of the event. Bring 40 Guardian Might Cores to Aenycha to contribute to the phase and receive 10 Glass Beads.

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