rift quest:Corp of the Resolute  

Carnival of the Ascended
World Event

Patch 1.7
This quest is only available to Defiants.

When receiving this quest for the first time, right-click a Greater Defiant Resolve Core, looted from the Defiant Resolve Cores along dragon parade routes, to begin the quest. Parades can be found by looking for Defiant Ally shield icons on the map. As a parade passes by a gathering location on its route a crowd and the cores will both appear.

The repeatable version of this quest will progress the Defiant goal for this phase of the event. Bring 40 Defiant Resolve Cores to Icatian to contribute to the phase and receive 10 Glass Beads.

Take the Greater Defiant Resolve Core to Icatian, found just south of Meridian. The reward is 5 Glass Beads.

Known Parade Routes:


  • (6252, 5586), Lakeshore Crossroad
  • (6359, 5231), along the path running in front of Meridian
  • (6663, 5265), southern side of Rill Pond
  • (6823, 5075), northern side of Rill Pond
  • (6555, 4828), Longshore Highway near Eliam Fields
  • (6346, 4546), Longshore Highway near King's Retreat


  • (4956, 4971), Granite Falls

Scarwood Reach

  • (3693, 4363), Spice Road in front of Perspice
  • (3437, 3915), Spice Road between Granitewood Haunt and Scarhide Waste

Scarlet Gorge

  • The parade headed toward Gloamwood by taking the Riverfell bridge but collided with a Guardian parade. They were defeated and disappeared.


  • The parade crosses over the bridge from Freemarch into Droughtlands
  • (7530, 6212) to (7444, 6362), crossroads in front of Lantern Hook along the road towards Shimmersand


  • (6684, 6994) to (6507, 6973), Fortune's Shore, starts at one of the race arches and ends at the western mailbox
  • The parade here will stop at Hullbreach Shoals and despawn.

Moonshade Highlands

  • (7210, 1936) to (7209, 2199), Hammerknell Pass into Three Springs to Watcher's Road
    • WARNING, Guardian Territory with level 40 aggressive guards!

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