rift quest:Mini Mounts Racing  

Carnival of the Ascended
World Event

Patch 1.7
This quest is available during Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 during Carnival of the Ascended.

Begin this quest by speaking to:

  • Defiant: Kal'ech at (6199, 5204) in Meridian
  • Guardian: Belath at (7361, 3033) in Sanctum
  • Neutral: Swift Jack at (6659, 6821) in Shimmersand

Speak to the quest giver again to choose either the Red, Blue, Yellow or Green team. Once the race begins your objective is to jump up and down on your team's pad to speed up your horse. Jumping too quickly can wear out your horse. Once your team's horse completes six laps this step will update.

Return to the quest giver to receive your reward of 5 Prize Ticket. This quest is repeatable.

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