rift quest:Ring Toss  

Carnival of the Ascended
World Event

Patch 1.7
This quest is available during Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 during Carnival of the Ascended.

Begin this quest by speaking to:

  • Defiant: Dorsey at (6189, 5185) in Meridian
  • Guardian: Gaston at (7374, 3065) in Sanctum
  • Neutral: Khnum the Shifty at (6668, 6881) in Shimmersand

Your objective is to toss the Carnival Rings on a seacap eight times. The seacaps are found inside the water arena near the quest giver. Binding the Carnival Rings to a hotkey is helpful since this quest will take many attempts for the updates.

Return to the quest giver to receive your reward of 3 Prize Ticket. This quest is repeatable.

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