rift zone:Shimmersand  

Quick Facts

  • Level Range: 43 - 50
Shimmersand is one of two end-of-game zones.

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Named Mobs

There are a number of Elite monsters tucked away in the wilderness of Shimmersand.

  • Razorgore - level 45 Elite Beast in an underwater cave in Riptalon Gulch
  • Sandchewer - level 45 Elite Gnar in Gnawbone Valley
  • Kliklik - level 46 Elite Deep One in a tidal cave in Hullbreach Shoals
  • Shimmerscale - level 46 Elite Basilisk in a cave in Hullbreach Shoals
  • Owain Kruper - level 49 Elite Golden Maw in a cave on the south side of The Oasis

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