the Scarlet Crusade  

The Scarlet Crusade is a quasi-religious group dedicated to the total extermination of any and all undead. As a major adversary of the Forsaken, there are many quests found in Tirisfal Glades that involve direct and not-so-direct attacks on them. The Crusade has several holdings throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, specifically the Scarlet Monastery, the towns of Hearthglen and Tyr's Hand, the cathedral found in Stratholme and various small camps spread throughout the continent.

Mob Types

While large numbers of the original Scarlet Crusade were annihilated by the Scourge during the destruction of the Scarlet Enclave, High General Abbendis hand-picked many Crusaders to follow her across the great sea to Northrend while the Scourge was busy destroying the towns of New Avalon and Havenshire. She then reformed the Crusaders into the Scarlet Onslaught, a fanatical army determined to take their offensive directly to the Lich King citadel and triumph at last.

Scarlet Abbot Scarlet Adept Scarlet Archmage Scarlet Augur Scarlet Avenger
Scarlet Beastmaster Scarlet Bodyguard Scarlet Captain Scarlet Cavalier Scarlet Centurion
Scarlet Champion Scarlet Chaplain Scarlet Cleric Scarlet Commander Scarlet Conjuror
Scarlet Convert Scarlet Courier Scarlet Crusader Scarlet Curate Scarlet Defender
Scarlet Disciple Scarlet Diviner Scarlet Enchanter Scarlet Evoker Scarlet Executioner
Scarlet Fleet Defender Scarlet Fleet Guardian Scarlet Friar Scarlet Gallant Scarlet Gryphon Rider
Scarlet Gryphon Scarlet Guardsman Scarlet High Clerist Scarlet Hunter Scarlet Infantryman
Scarlet Initiate Scarlet Inquisitor Scarlet Interrogator Scarlet Invoker Scarlet Judge
Scarlet Knight Scarlet Lumberjack Scarlet Mage Scarlet Magician Scarlet Magus
Scarlet Marksman Scarlet Medic Scarlet Miner Scarlet Missionary Scarlet Myrmidon
Scarlet Neophyte Scarlet Paladin Scarlet Peasant Scarlet Praetorian Scarlet Preacher
Scarlet Preserver Scarlet Priest Scarlet Protector Scarlet Scout Scarlet Scryer
Scarlet Sentinel Scarlet Sentry Scarlet Smith Scarlet Soldier Scarlet Sorcerer
Scarlet Torturer Scarlet Trainee Scarlet Trooper Scarlet Vanguard Scarlet Warder
Scarlet Warrior Scarlet Wizard Scarlet Worker Scarlet Zealot

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