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The Four Horsemen in Naxxramas is comprised of four boss level NPCs (although, each NPC is considerably weaker than a typical single bos): Baron Rivendare, Thane Korth'azz, Lady Blaumeux, and Sir Zeliek. They act as the 3rd and last boss of the Military Quarter.

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  • Marks: Each of the four horsemen cast their own Mark, which have identical effects. Cast at random intervals. Stacks infinitely. The first stack will do 0 unresistable shadow damage. The second 500. The third 1500. The fourth 4000. The fifth 12,500. The sixth 20,000. The seventh 21,000. The eighth 22,000 and so on increasing by 1,000 every subsequent mark. While the initial damage caused by the application cannot be resisted, the application of the Mark can be resisted. 45 yard range. 25 second duration. Marks hit everyone in range and will reduce the threat on the Horseman of everyone hit by 50%. Should there be no one in range in the raid to receive a mark, the entire raid will instead be hit by a very powerful AoE. Mark of Kor'Thazz will be cast at the same time as Mark of Rivendare, but at a higher frequency than the Mark of Blaumeux and Mark of Zeliek.

Thane Kor'thazz

Baron Rivendare

Lady Blaumeux

Sir Zeliek

The Breakdown

You will need two tanks.

Upon being pulled, the Horsemen automatically run to their appointed corner. Kor'thazz goes to the near left, Rivendare the near right, Blaumeux the far left and Zeliek the far right. You will need to split the raid into 4 groups. The group for Kor'thazz and Rivendare should consist of a tank each and half the dps. The group for Zeliek and Blaumeux need only be a healer each with someone with a lot of hp to take the hit. It's much easier if the 'tank' in the back is an actual tank or an hybrid that can heal self-heal himself, but it's not necessary.

The group must be in their position before the bosses are pulled, or Blaumeux and Zeliek will kill the raid with their AE move.

The strategy differs a little for the backrow and front row Horsemen...


Rivendare and Kor'thazz: DPS on Rivendare must be mindful to stay behind him to avoid the Cleave. The group on Kor'thazz has to pile up on the tank to spread out meteor damage has much as possible. Both Rivendare and Kor'thazz will cast their mark at the same time and they cast them faster than Zeliek/Blaumeux. When you reach 3 marks, the tanks should run to the midway point between both group (right in front of the door), taunt off each other's horsemen and bring back the new horsemen to their group. This let the old mark drop off while the new one build up. You rinse and repeat until they're both dead.

Blaumeux and Zeliek: Zeliek and Blaumeux have no threat table, they merely attack whoever is closest. Every 2 marks, the 'tanks' should switch side, in order to allow the mark to drop. You need to continue switching and heal up until Rivendare and Kor'thazz, at which point the rest of the raid will join you, follow your 'switches' and kill both Zeliek and Blaumeux.

Special care must be taken with Zeliek's Holy Wrath ability, try and stay as spread out as possible while fighting him, since it can do massive damage if it chain to enough people.

10 man specific

Very similar fight. Keeping 1 tank, 2 dps, 1 healer on each of the front Horsemen and 1 Healer and 1 Ranged on the back ones work just fine. Zeliek doesn't have his Holy Wrath power on 10 man.


  • And They Would All Go Down Together - Defeat the Four Horsemen, ensuring that they all die withing 15 seconds of each other.

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