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For entries on the Undead player race, see Undead.

The Undead are the lingering corpses and spirits of beings long past. The undead make up the bulk of The Scourge's forces. The undead known as the Forsaken have gain sentience and are not considered to be Humanoid rather than Undead. Common undead include zombies, ghouls, skeletons, spirits, and abominations.

Undead can be tracked by hunters, beginning at level 18, or by Paladins at level 20. There is also an Alchemy potion that will detect undead.

Bonus damage can be dealt to humanoids by Hunters with Monster Slaying, or Rogues with Murder. Specific crowd control effects which work on humanoids include Shackle Undead and Turn Undead. Additionally, many paladin abilities work specifically on undead, or are more powerful against them.

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