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The icecrown glacier is the largest glacier in northrend, sitting at the roof of the world. It is also the the power base of the Scourge. Countless Undead teems over, following the psychic command of their leader - the Lich King, who orders them about and scheme his dark plot from within the wall of Icecrown Citadel.

The icecrown glacier first became famous for the creation of the Frozen Throne, the prison that Kil'jidean created for the Lich King. The prison was cast down from the Twisting Nether and smashed into the Glacier, the explosion being seen as far as Grizzly Hills. The Lich King remained in his prison until he was fred by the Death Knight, Arthas.

The Scarlet Crusade recently formed the Scarlet Onslaught, a full blown assault on Icecrown Glacier and the force of the The Scourgegathered here. It was a disaster, the corpse of the crusaders now bolstering the might of the lich king's army.

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Before the Lich King, the Icecrown Glacier was home to the Nerubian people, the heart of their vast cave-like empire Azjol-Nerub sitting within the Glacier. When the Lich King, Ner'zhul, was cast down into the Frozen Throne, he first used his considerable psionic power to animate many dead nerubian and tempt many living one into siding with him against their sibbling - this would start what is know called 'The War of the Spider'. The Lich King won, and the Glacier has known it's share of fighting over the last few decades, has the undead army grew in power and in number, killing Nerubian, Trolls, Furbolg and anything else in their path, every single death spawning a new recruit.

The Glacier is considered by many to be the most evil place on Azeroth. Nothing live here, it is truly a land of the dead. Brave (or foolish) adventurers have ventured forth, trying to slay the Lich King and thus end his reign of terror. None have returned.

Horde and Alliance

*Need info. Zone not yet in game, no way to know if they are any outposts.

Major Population

*Need info. The lore certainly make it sound like there's nothing else but undead in here.


The Glacier is the northern most zone in the continent.

It include the instance hub of Icecrown Citadel.

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