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The dragonblight is the final resting place of the mighty Dragon Aspect of Azeroth. Here, dragon of all kind and color come to die, stricken down by age or sickness. Their corpse and great bone littering the icy plain, their differences set aside in the embrace of death.

The dragons have always protected and worshipped this ancient burial place, so it comes as no surprise that when the Lich King Arthas and The Scourge came to raise back some of the scaly behemoth to servitude, conflict was sparked. While the Blue aspect with the help of the other dragonflight was able to ultimately push back Arthas, the Scourge has strong presence here and constantly try to gain access to the ancients bones.

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The dragonblight remained unchanging for many centuries, as the resting place of the great dragon, little of interest happened here.

Horde and Alliance

Wintergarde Keep, Fordragon Hold and Star's rest are Alliance stronghold.

Agmar's Hammer, Venomspite, Kor'kon Vanguard are Horde stronghold.

Major Populations

  • Nerubians - Of the living, the Nerubian are the most numerous. Azjol-Nerub is here, and following the War of the Spider, many of the survivor gathered here.
  • Taurens - Tauren of the icemist tribe have settled near the shore of Lake Wintergrasp.
  • Dragon - Many dragons reside here, keeping close contact with their kin in Nexus, keeping a watchful eyes on the bones of their ancestors.
  • The Scourge - The Undead have a strong presence here, with the great necropolis Naxxramas hovering in plain sight.


The southern part of the Dragonblight leads to the ocean, while to the north Icecrown Glacier begins. To the west one can find the Borean Tundra has well has access to Lake Winterspring. On the east side, the Grizzly Hills and Zul'drak can be found.

Azjol-Nerub, Chamber of Aspects, Naxxramas are all instances within the zone.

Points of Interest:

  • 7th Legion Front
  • Agmar's Hammer
  • Angrathar the Wrath Gate
  • Azure Dragonshrine
  • Bloodmar
  • Bronze Dragonshrine
  • The Carrion Fields
  • The Dragon Wastes
  • Emerald Dragonshrine
  • Fordragon Hold
  • Frostmourne Cavern
  • Galakrond's Rest
  • Icemist Village
  • Kor'kron Vanguard
  • Moa'ki Harbor
  • Naxxramas
  • New Hearthglen
  • Obsidian Dragonshrine
  • Ruby Dragonshrine
  • Shiverwind Coast
  • Sundered Monolith
  • Venomspite
  • Wintergarde Keep
  • Wyrmrest Temple

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