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General Information

Set in the world of Ethegia, players take on the role of the Temperions, beings created through genetic engineering and arcane rites to engage in bloody combat with the walking nightmares stalking the land.

Using the Havok engine, Requiem: Bloodymare brings to life a visually stunning realm where fallout from generations of scientific and mystical warfare has polluted the natural world and given birth to horribly mutated monsters. The battles between players and these grotesque creatures are rendered with intense sequences of bloody and gory graphics.

"We've dedicated more than four years of intense development to be sure Requiem: Bloodymare really brings something unique in the MMO market." Peter Kang, CEO, Gravity Interactive, said. "We very consciously decided when we started the project that we wanted to diversify our offering to include much more than the cute, anime inspired gameplay of our previous hits. Requiem isn't a game for kids; this is for mature players that are looking for hardcore content that conjures up their deepest nightmares and fears."

Requiem: Bloodymare also brings several game mechanics that set it apart from the rest of the MMO market. The time of day will be an extremely important factor for players under the Nightmare System with incredibly powerful creatures awakening to terrorize the world at night. To defeat these challenges players will be able to draw upon the DNA System and the Beast Possession System. Players will use genetic engineering to modify their DNA to obtain characteristics and abilities nature never intended. The mystic arts will enable players to possess and transform into different bestial beings with extraordinary abilities.


Requiem: Bloodymare features 3 races to choose from. They are the Turan, Bartuk, and Kruxena Each race has it's own semi-unique jobs to choose from.


The Turan resemble humans the most. They feature Balanced Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Their downfall is they have low resistance against magic. They can choose to become either a Templar or Defender


Strength: High Strength and Solidarity

Weakness: Weak Spirit, Susceptible Minds

Characteristics: Bartuks are gifted with enormous physical power, but tend to be spiritually weak. They get easily enraged, a flaw that enemies sometimes exploit. Bartuks are generous to their allies, and fight alongside them with a strong sense of solidarity. Their decision-making process is simple: "help friend, smash enemy". Magic wielding Bartuks are generally limited to the black arts and fire magic, and they lack the intelligence to use more subtle magic.

Combat Style: Bartuks focus on strength-based weapon combat, foregoing shields in favor of heavy Two-Handed Weapons. Bartuk magic is usually limited but it is also unfamiliar to the other races, making it difficult for them to counter.

Relationship with Other Race: Bartuks have a deep seated hatred toward the Xenoas - they've been historically dominated by them. Bartuks can cooperate with the Kruxenas, but loathe everyone else.

1st Job
Warrior or Shaman

2nd Job
Berserker, Warlord, Forsaker or Mystic


The Kruxena are a vampire-looking race. They are Physically and Spiritually Superior, yet at the same time uncooperative, lacking compassion and tenacity, and inhumane. They may choose to become either a Rogue or Soul Hunter.

Game Features

Nightmare Monsters

Even the most experienced of players will cringe when darkness falls in the world of Requiem. The bloodthirsty Nightmare Monsters that appear at night will ravage even the strongest of parties if not well prepared for battle.

Weapon Enhancements

With several different item enhancement systems, players can create new items or upgrade and customize existing ones to best suit their needs.

Beast Possession System

Unleash the incredible power of the beast within by transforming your character into a ferocious creature. Level-up your Beast Possession to equip it with an even deadlier selection of various skills and abilities needed to survive.


Prepare to battle your foes on an enormous scale. Requiem features 8-vs-8, 16-vs-16, 32-vs-32, and a colossal 96-vs-96 battlefield, where only the victorious are rewarded with special items used for obtaining the rarest of weapons and armor!

DNA System

Boost your character strengths and minimize their weaknesses by reorganizing their DNA as you see fit. Having full control over their evolution leads to a wide variety of character builds sharing the same class and race.

Group Zones

Jump over obstacles, collect items and more needed to pass through locked areas as you venture in a group to discover what terror lies before you. These areas are designed especially for groups of players to experience an intense series of battles with high rewards.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent 2.0 GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM
Video Card: GeForce 5600 or Higher
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

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