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Supernova is a strategic MOBA game set in a science fiction universe. It combines the most enjoyable parts from strategy games and MOBAs.

Supernova is partly a MOBA -- because players can control and level up Commanders during a game and can choose different kinds of upgrades for them -- and it is partly strategy, because unlike in other MOBAs, players can also build units. Instead of preset minions, Supernova allows players to freely assemble and construct Forces containing different units that will fight against the enemy team. Players decide what units they want to use and they even can further enhance the units by different technologies.

Based on their composition, each Force has different strengths and weaknesses in Supernova, which can turn the tide of the battle or even win the game. Currently players can chose from 2 different Factions to play with: the Humans and the Cyborgs.

Rich Meta-game

  • Force customization: Players can choose which 10 units they want to bring into the battle and also they can further enhance the units with different Technologies.
  • Augmentation crafting: Players collect Elements after each game. These elements can be used to craft Augmentations which provide various bonuses to the Commanders. Players can create Loadouts, composed of different Augmentations and with these they can alter the Commanders’ starting stats.
  • Collectible Medals: After each battle, players are granted medals for their outstanding performances. Medals are collected in the Medal Case and can be shown to other players.
  • Achievements: An Achievement system will be added to Supernova soon, which will allow players to complete certain ingame tasks and gain Achievements. Achievements appear in the Player Profile Window, next to the Medal Case. Also, Achievements will grant various rewards to the players.

Attribute-Proficiency System

Supernova players don't collect gold to purchase Items. While there is a last hitting mechanic in Supernova, it only gives players a slight experience bonus, and not gold (i.e. ingame resource) at all.

Instead of collecting gold, players are given Attribute and Proficiency Points after certain events which can be spent on various ingame Commander upgrades. Such ingame events are:

  • an enemy unit dies nearby
  • the player scores a Kill or Assist
  • the player’s team completes a map objective
Each five Attribute Points gained grants one Proficiency point.

Attribute points can be used to increase Primary Commander Stats like Damage, Health or Armor, while Proficiency Points can unlock more complex effects such as Ability Block, Life Steal, Slowing Attack and different kind of Auras.


Supernova features an Automatic Force Construction and Commander Upgrade system which allow new players to concentrate on Commander controls and enjoy the game right from the start.

The Automatic Force Construction feature builds units that can counter the enemy Force and also shows players what is optimal to purchase in different situations. It really helps new players to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the different units and also give them an idea of how unit countering works.

The Automatic Commander Upgrade system choses Attributes and Proficiencies for the player’s Commander. Learning how players should build their Commanders in different team compositions and situations will take time, but players can rely on this system until they feel comfortable to choose upgrades by themselves.

The Universe Is your Arena!

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