Archlord Hosts Giveaway With New Expansion

Webzen has announced not only their newest expansion for Archlord, dubbed The Dark Revelation, but they have announced a free item giveaway to celebrate the release!

The Dark Revelation promises to shake up a lot of Archlord's foundation, including the new Shrine battles, which grants you Shrine Coins that can be spent on high-end PvP gear. Plus, the Human and Orc cities are being renewed with an update, not only graphical but mechanically as well, allowing easier access through the city. With all these major updates is a race rebalance, an extended skill slot, a quest tutorial, and an item comparison feature. It's a good time to be an Archlord player!

Julian "Mirai" Williams

ArchlordX Releases Second Closed Beta

ArchlordX, the sequel set 100 years after the original Archlord, just entered its second closed beta test, and with it comes a snazzy new video, showing off much of the new game's monsters, characters, and spell effects. NHN and Codemasters Online Gaming are putting a lot of effort to making the new game look updated while retaining the original Archlord's feel, and the video shows it, even featuring the original game's music. 

The game's release date is yet to be set, but it can't be too far away. We'll keep an eye on it as more develops. 

Webzen Expands Archlord Service to NA, Europe

Last month, Codemasters announced it was closing its North American and European ArchLord servers on Oct. 2 because the license for the game had been granted to Webzen. Well, Webzen is celebrating the extension of its service by releasing the new Swashbuckler class and hosting numerous events.

Three Swashbuckler events have already started and will run through Oct. 14. For example, you can collect potions that will transform any class into a Swashbuckler or hand in letters for unique accessories. Three other events are also running through Oct. 28 in honor of the territorial extension, and they include a leveling challenge and prizes for daily attendance.

Former Codemasters Archlord players can currently pre-register to transfer their accounts to Webzen. Players who pre-register will get free in-game credits. More information on Webzen's worldwide service of Archlord can be found in the press release after the jump.

Western ArchLord Service Transitions to Webzen

According to an announcement on the ArchLord Web site, Codemasters will be closing the European and North American game servers on Oct. 2 due to the company's inability to reach an agreement to renew its contract with Korean developer NHN. The license for the western ArchLord service has been given to Webzen.

Information on the transition is provided in this FAQ on the official Codemasters forum. According to the FAQ, Webzen will launch the North American and European service for ArchLord on Oct. 3. Codemasters will be giving Webzen all game data, including character data and game server data. Most of the answers ask players to visit the Webzen ArchLord site for more details.

The Webzen site states that additional servers will be launched to accommodate the influx of Codemasters ArchLord players. The site also says "Webzen is working closely with Codemasters and NHNGames for the seamless transition." You can read Codemasters' full announcement after the jump.

'Champions of Cyripus' Contest Begins Wednesday

This is just a quick reminder that Cyripus, the new ArchLord PvP server, will launch Wednesday, Nov. 5, with a leveling contest. The contest will end Nov. 19.

“This is a hugely significant development for ArchLord," Ed Relf, director of marketing for Codemasters Online, said in today's press release. "The new server has been brought online to cope with the massively increasing demand for the game. We are still attracting tens of thousands of new players each week and with almost 3/4 million players now registered, there’s never been a better time to play this great free-to-play MMO.”

Information on the leveling event can be found in our previous news post or on the official site. The grand prize includes 10,000 credits and an exclusive expedition mount.

Archlord: Double the Fun Weekend

Archlord is uping their experience for this weekend!

This weekend from 13:00 (GMT+1) on Friday to 13:00 (GMT) on Monday we will be running a double the fun weekend.

Both experience and drops will be double throughout the whole of this weekend across all three servers!

We hope you enjoy this event in the world of Chantra.

You can download this Free to Play (F2P) MMO right here, and give it a whirl, if you haven't already!  If you've played it, hop on this weekend and reconnect with some old friends while leveling up!

4th Server to Launch Nov. 5 with Leveling Contest

We have received word from Codemasters that Cyripus, the fourth ArchLord server with a unique PvP rule set, will be launched on Wednesday, Nov. 5. In addition, a leveling contest will begin that day for players who create a character on the server in the first two weeks. The contest will end Nov. 19.

Over 100 winners will be picked, making it the largest ArchLord event ever. The Gold Prize package includes a wealth of items, including 10,000 credits, an exclusive mount, and the forum title "Champion of Cyripus."

For a full list of prizes, keep reading after the jump.

PvP Server to Open; Episode 4 Screenshots Released

Codemasters has announced that the fourth Archlord server with its unique PvP rule set will open in early November. To celebrate the launch of Cyripus, a special event will be held during the opening to give newly created characters on the server the opportunity to win in-game prizes.

Also, the game's next update, called only Episode 4 at this time, is due out in 2009. Teaser screenshots can be found in our gallery . Keep reading below for more information on the PvP server and some concept art from the development team.

Codemasters Online Launch ArchLord Expansion Pack

Codemasters Online Launch ArchLord Expansion Pack for FREE!!

Codemasters Online are pleased to reveal that their highly popular, free MMORPG ArchLord has gone live with a new expansion available now free of charge to all new and existing players. Episode 3: Spirits Awakening adds 30% new game content to the existing game including 3 extensive new zones and over 80 new skills and abilities.

ArchLord Episode 3: Spirits Awakening adds a number of new features and free game content including:

  • Expanded world - 30% all-new game content
  • All-new zones - 3 new zones for players to explore
  • New class skills - Over 80 new skills
  • ArchLord abilities - New ruling ArchLord skills and abilities
  • New armour & items - New collectible armour sets with unique stats
  • New monsters & enemies - New monsters and zone bosses

Available now, Episode 3 is available either through an automatic patch for existing players when logging into the game or included within the full free game download on the game's official website for new players at:

Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online commented, "This is an exciting time in the ongoing development of ArchLord. ArchLord has never been more popular with almost 750,000 players now playing with this number increasing almost 20,000 new players each week! ArchLord is going from strength to strength and we are assessing the need right now to open new servers just to cope with the increased levels of demand for this great, free MMORPG".

ArchLord is a premier free online role-playing game allowing players to download and play the game with no monthly subscriptions or commitment. The online game challenges thousands of players each month to raise an army, to compete to become the game's all-ruling ArchLord and with it control the entire game world impacting on the lives of thousands of players online.

To download ArchLord, the premier free MMORPG and experience the all-new Episode 3 expansion visit the game's official website .

ArchLord: Free MMO PvP Action!

Free MMO PvP Action!

The World of Chantra is more dangerous than ever with new content coming in the form of the free expansion for ArchLord; Episode 3: Spirits Awakening .

Spirits Awakening introduces three new spirit realms to adventure in. Exotic locations, devastating weapons, powerful armour and horrifying monsters, the fight for the right to rule Chantra as the ArchLord just became a lot tougher.

New PvP Server Opening Soon!

We're delighted to announce that in the coming weeks we'll be opening a brand new fourth server with its own unique, PvP-orientated rule set. This server will see new hardcore elements introduced to the PvP, including the ability for the victorious combatant to loot their fallen enemies' rotting corpses!