Webzen Expands Archlord Service to NA, Europe

Last month, Codemasters announced it was closing its North American and European ArchLord servers on Oct. 2 because the license for the game had been granted to Webzen. Well, Webzen is celebrating the extension of its service by releasing the new Swashbuckler class and hosting numerous events.

Three Swashbuckler events have already started and will run through Oct. 14. For example, you can collect potions that will transform any class into a Swashbuckler or hand in letters for unique accessories. Three other events are also running through Oct. 28 in honor of the territorial extension, and they include a leveling challenge and prizes for daily attendance.

Former Codemasters Archlord players can currently pre-register to transfer their accounts to Webzen. Players who pre-register will get free in-game credits. More information on Webzen's worldwide service of Archlord can be found in the press release after the jump.

- Webzen.com starts the worldwide service of Archlord.
- During the month of October, the new character class ‘Swashbuckler’ will be introduced.
- Former Archlord users can transfer their accounts to Webzen.com.
- The official website for Soul of the Ultimate Nation revealed
- MU Online is enjoying the rapid growth of South American users.

WEBZEN Inc. (NASDAQ:WZEN), announced that the company had commenced the worldwide service of Archlord: Arch Battle of the World, expanding the service territories to North America and European countries.

As the CODEMASTERS license agreement of Archlord in North America and Europe ended, the global Archlord servers are now hosted by WEBZEN (http://archlord.webzen.com). Consequently, all users around the globe except from Korea, Japan, and China can connect to the Archlord servers via WEBZEN.COM.

To accommodate the former Archlord players from CODEMASTERS, WEBZEN will provide the service to transfer previously activated accounts within this month. Starting from October 8, players can pre-register to apply for the account transfer and receive free in-game gifts.

Also, WEBZEN is providing the next content update featuring the new character class “Swashbuckler”. The new character, a close range female combatant, armed with a pair of swords to inflict great damage, is the premier introduction among western countries.

WEBZEN has arranged many in-game events to celebrate and welcome new players. Starting from October 3, all Archlord users will be able to transform and experience the new character using “Swashbuckler metamorphosis potion”. Also, WEBZEN plans to give away many more Cash Items for free through in-game events.

Meanwhile, WEBZEN will launch ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N)’ in this coming October. The official website of S.U.N (sunonline.webzen.com) is already available for pre-registration.

WEBZEN has also announced that the recent marketing efforts of MU Online, is showing a strong indicating figure in growth of South American players, bringing back many dormant users

“The service territory expansion and the account transfer from CODEMASTERS will create a user-friendly environment for Archlord. We expect to see a significant increase of new users as well as the overall improvement of WEBZEN.COM business. Furthermore, the update such as introducing ‘Swashbuckler’ indicates our commitment towards the success of the game. ” said Chang Keun Kim, the chief executive officer of WEBZEN.

Detail services of Archlord are available at WEBZEN’s official website, www.webzen.com.

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