ArchLord: Episode 3: Spirits Awakening

Check out the recently announced list of updates for the ArchLord expansion, Episode 3: Spirits Awakening, including a soon-to-be opened fourth PvP server!:

The World of Chantra is more dangerous than ever with new content coming in the form of the free expansion for ArchLord; Episode 3: Spirits Awakening.

Spirits Awakening introduces three new spirit realms to adventure in. Exotic locations, devastating weapons, powerful armour and horrifying monsters, the fight for the right to rule Chantra as the ArchLord just became a lot tougher.

New PvP Server Opening Soon!

We're delighted to announce that in the coming weeks we'll be opening a brand new fourth server with its own unique, PvP-orientated rule set. This server will see new hardcore elements introduced to the PvP, including the ability for the victorious combatant to loot their fallen enemies' rotting corpses!

To read more about the ArchLord expansion head on over to the official site !

Archlord Frozen Infinity Armour Sets

Archlord 's free expansion, Episode 3: Spirits Awakening, is due out in just a few weeks. Details on new sets of armor being released with the expansion have been sent to us, and we wanted to let you have a peek!


Want to see more? Check out our screen shot gallery .

Archlord: Upcoming PVP Tournment

Archlord has announced a GM-hosted PvP knockout tournament to be held next month in the Trilgard Arena. It should be lots of fun!

Ancient Tournament of Trilgard

In this ancient tournament, which has been long forgotten, Chantra's best warriors pit their strength against each other, regardless of their background, in a life-or-death competition in order to win fame and fortune and to determine which guilds produce the strongest and most courageous warriors. Only one team will remain standing at the end of the extremely gruelling tournament. Are you strong and courageous enough? Then accept the challenge by entering this ancient arena with your fellow challengers and proving yourself!

ArchLord's Game Masters are hosting a massive Player versus Player (PvP) Tournament on the official servers in July. Located at the famed Trilgard Arena, groups of four contestants will step up to fight it out in a knockout style tournament, with the winners being crowned as Warriors of Trilgard!

With the tournament split into six level ranges and being fought across three servers there is the potential for hundreds of players to win prizes, with thousands of items and currency up for grabs for those who have what it takes to survive the highly competitive PvP.

More details can be found at the official site.

Archlord Expansion Plans Announced

The folks over at Codemasters Online have released some of the plans for an expansion to Archlord. And, just like the original game, the expansion will be free!
ArchLord, the popular subscription-free MMORPG readies for all-new free game content.

Codemasters Online are pleased to reveal that their popular free MMORPG ArchLord will be receiving an overhaul in the shape of the all-new, FREE Expansion Episode 3: Spirits Awakening. Due to go live in the coming weeks, Episode 3: Spirits Awakening adds up to 30% new game content to the existing game when this free update goes live.

ArchLord Episode 3: Spirits Awakening adds a number of new features & free game content including:
  • New game content - Up to 30% all-new game content
  • All new zones - 3 new game zones for players to challenge
  • New class skills - Over 80 new skills
  • ArchLord abilities - New ruling ArchLord skills and abilities
  • New armour & items - New collectible armour sets with unique stats
  • New monsters & enemies - New monsters and zone bosses
Read the full release here.

ArchLord Celebrates Milestone with Bonus Weekend

In order to celebrate their recently announced milestone of half a million users, ArchLord is thanking the loyal players with a bonus weekend.


Double the Fun Weekend!

This weekend from 16:00 (GMT+1) on Friday to 08:00 (GMT+1) on Tuesday we will be running a double the fun weekend.

Both experience and drops will be double throughout the whole of this weekend across all three servers!

We hope you enjoy this event in the world of Chantra.

ArchLord Exceeds Half Million Milestone

Considering only a handful of MMORPG's have been able to accomplish 500,000 users, this is actually a big milestone for ArchLord.

ArchLord, the popular subscription-free MMORPG exceeds 500k players across the West.

Thursday, 22nd May (2pm GMT) – Codemasters Online is pleased to announce they have opened the doors to their 500,000th player of its popular subscription-free MMORPG, ArchLord.

Since moving to free-to-play, ArchLord has seen explosive new player growth over recent months with more players than ever taking on the challenge to compete to become the all-conquering ArchLord and with it rule the entire game world.

Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online commented, "This is a key milestone in the growth of ArchLord. ArchLord is a premier free-to-play MMORPG offering significantly more depth and quality than most other free-to-play games and this recent achievement solidifies our commitment to the ongoing development and success of ArchLord."

To cope with the increased popularity for the game, Codemasters Online will shortly be opening an all-new game world to cope with the game’s substantially increased demand as they gear up for the next free content update Episode 3 due in the coming months.

ArchLord is a premier free-to-play online role-playing game allowing players to download and play the game for free with no monthly subscriptions or commitments. The online game challenges thousands of players each month to raise an army, to compete to become the game's all-ruling ArchLord and with it control of the entire game world impacting on the lives of thousands of ArchLord players.

To download ArchLord the premier free-to-play MMORPG visit the game's official website

Archlord: Chantra Store Pack Addition

Archlord has added some packs to their store.
Today we shall be introducing special "bundle" packs into the store to enable players to purchase some items in packs at a better value than the individual cost; initially the bundles on offer will be:

SAVE 50% - 5 x Resurrection Orbs + 5 x Protective Passports
3 x Prayer Stone of Attack Manuals for the price of 2
3 x Prayer Stone of Attack Manuals for the price of 2
3 x Prayer Stone of Defense Manuals for the price of 2
3 x Prayer Stone of Defense Manuals for the price of 2
SAVE 10% - 5 Xlarge Giant + Defense + Evasion + Agility + Speed Potions
If you haven't checked out this free to play MMO, you can sign up here, and you can find the store here.

Archlord Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the 10/23/07 update of Archlord: