Archlord Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the 10/23/07 update of Archlord:

-Option Window updated
(For Effect Advanced, skill effect changed to have On/Off instead of High/Med/Low)
(New option added "Loot Item" which turns on Monster loot item names when dropped)

-New Launcher updated (Window Vista compatibility)

-Emotes for German/French version fixed

-Numerous localisation updates

-Archlord skills for German/French version now working

-Catapult deadspots fixed

-PK level restriction changed from 15 to 30

-Items not in game but in AH removed
(Shield items above level 71, Armour set above level 83)

-Rensphere map data changed

-Packet and login process changed

-Level up message changed for PvP

-Guild window text changed (Guild/Guild member information)

-Various collision issues resolved

-Change text on Chantra passport from 'Prohibited Mine’ to 'Forbidden Mine’

-Guild Npcs restored (players will be able to use the various npc features again)
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