E3 2014 - EA Media Briefing (Live Updates!)

(3:00PM ET) E3 2014 continues with EA, Monday's second major event!

Welcome to E3 coverage here on ZAM!

Today’s second media briefing (2 of 4) is from EA for 1 hour. We’ll be covering every detail, constantly keeping this page up-to-date. Keep a close eye and keep refreshing!

When: 3:00PM-4:00PM Eastern / 12:00PM-1:00PM Pacific — Watch on Twitch.tv!
All Events: Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Playstation, Nintendo

 Times below are in Eastern Time.


3:01 - Star Wars to kick things off. Woohoo! DICE talking about Star Wars: Battlefront. Long trailer showing the whole process of developing the game. The "Early In-Game Footage" actually looks pretty decent.

3:03 - Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, walks out to introduce us to the event. Talking about their commitment to players, seeking to "connect, inspire, challenge, and entertain." Coming up: Dragon Age: Inquisition and two new projects.

3:05 - A live musician floats onto the stage, playing the music for the Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer. Seems to be the same trailer shown earlier during the Xbox Media Briefing – perhaps an extended version.
3:07 - Aaryn Flynn talks about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Jumps into gameplay footage fighting a "High Dragon", targeting separate limbs. Graphics are good. Nothing else to note.
3:09 - Action vs. Tactical approach. Tactical keeps time paused and gives an above view.
3:10 - Cinematic lore trailer, featuring the game's characters. Again, looks good, but nothing mold-breaking just from the looks of things. RELEASE DATE: October 7th.


 3:12 - Mass Effect / BioWare teaser! "Conceptual prototype" shots of landscapes. Showing off the game's graphical potential in various ways.


3:14 - Straight into The Sims 4! "For the first time, you control their hearts." General shots of people interacting and doing great, silly things. Shots of very expressive faces and body language.
3:16 - "Personality drives behavior, creating richer stories."
3:17 - "Bring in fully-fledged characters from other players' games."
3:18 - A character literally dies of laughter. Wha-?!
3:19 - "Smarter Sims. Weirder Stories." Looks like The Sims 4

3:20 - Here comes UFC! Lots of Bruce Lee: footage of him speaking and people talking about his legacy. Developer comes on-stage and shows some UFC gameplay.
3:21 - Looks like damage is specific to body parts.


3:22 - NHL 15 slideshow with music. Cinematic gameplay with loud and dramatic music. Music a bit overdone and doesn't really fit the game.

3:24 - Somebody talking about the general concept of speed.

3:26 - Criterion Games gets into their new, unknown game. Footage of Burnout: Paradise. Criterion's offices no longer have desks, apparently. Game is first-person only.

3:27 - ATVs, helicopters, boats, wingsuits, parachutes, planes...but no name!

3:28 - PGA Tour! "Frostbite 3 for the first time in a sports game." No load times between holes. "This is golf without limits." Battleship crashes into the golf course. I'm okay with this! Damn, PGA Tour, lookin' good!

3:30 - Madden NFL 15 looking to amp up defense! Looks like a solid system with good control. Hundreds of new player reactions. Better in-game cinematography.
3:32 - Dramatic montage about defense in the NFL.

3:33 - Dawngate. Talking about its history, and how its not trying to clone other MOBAs. Seems to have just been a promotional video for Dawngate: no DLC, no relaunch.

3:36 - Andrew Wilson comes out to maintain the hype.

3:37 - Wooh, Mirror's Edge 2! Showing the game's development, discussing the main character.
3:38 - Pre-recorded gameplay! As expected, the game looks great visually.
3:39 - Eye tattoo, ouch!


3:40 - Cutting directly into FIFA 15. "Emotional intelligence" in the players, with "memories." More control over the ball than ever. Looks like lots of the game has been polished. "This year you will feel the game."
3:42 - Hype trailer about soccer as a sport in general. Transitions into cinematic shots of FIFA 15. "Feel the game."

3:44 - Battlefield: Hardline trailer! It's the one that was online before the event. Two developers come on-stage to discuss it. Nice screenshots fade in-and-out behind them. 

3:47 - Gameplay footage! 32 player match in "Heist". Footage starts with someone is channel-surfing, and comes across the heist being featured on the news. Game is exactly cops vs. criminals.

3:48 - Someone flies down the street on a zipline. Player grabs "the package" and begins to bolt on-foot. Hard to keep track of everything going on. Destructible terrain. Package-carrier picked up by fellow player, and starts shooting from the sunroof. Criminals fail to dodge a barricade.

3:50 - Player blasts a hole in the wall to run through and start shooting. Player drives a gas tanker truck into a pile of cop cars and explodes (awesome). A crane falls down and tears through a massive building (whoa). Car alarms going off. Player shoots a grappling hook and climbs up. A cop gets smacked with a baseball bat. Cops start blasting criminals through the windows of a building. More ziplining. A cop shoots the helicopter pilot. A cop arrest the guy with the package.

3:53 - The Battlefield: Hardline beta starts today. 1080p, 60fps. RELEASE DATE: October 21st.


Oh, there we go! Ended a bit abruptly. Thanks for joining us!


Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
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