Tales of Pirates Version 1.38 Released

Version 1.38 recently went live in Tales of Pirates and contains many new additions to the game, including features, apparel and quests.

There's now a head-gear forging system, an "Honorary Treasure Chest" to reward players who prove themselves in guild wars and a new map called "Island Prison."

You can read more about Version 1.38 here or in the press release below.

The Tales of Pirates ( http://top.igg.com/ ) team is proud to announce that the latest version of the hit game, version 1.38, has been released on December 11, 2008. Version 1.38 has many new features, apparel, and quests to keep you entertained. With some players having previewed the new version, they’re reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. There are some most popular features as below:

Feature 1: The brand-new Head-gear Forging System, included the Hear-gear NPC, cool new caps and the Head-gear Forging and Refining functions.

Feature 2: Introduces the 2nd Rebirth, including the “Gorgeous Rebirth” quest.

Feature 3: Launches the “Honorary Treasure Chest” to reward the bravest warriors who prove themselves in guild wars. Members of the winning guild will receive this precious prize as well as the honor owed to true pirates.

Feature 4: A new map called “Island Prison”, which includes PVP, and fun items like the Good Guy Card, Arrest Warrant and much more.


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