Tales of Pirates II Reveals RTS Ship Combat

Tales of Pirates II reveals customizable pirate ships, treasure hunting and magic users

Tales of Pirates II revealed two new game elements today for their upcoming release. The first is customizable pirate ships for real time strategy sea battles and the second is treasure hunting mazes. What's a pirate game without cannonballs and questing for booty?

Players will be able to customize their ships by choosing their own bow, mobility, cannon and components to create a ship with personalized stats and powers. As players use their ships they will gain experience and level up into to new abilities. The ships will also function for transportation, marine trade and a home base.

What about some Pirate themed dungeon crawling?  Players will use their pirates to explore monster filled mazes to search for treasure. Many of these mazes can be found on the continent but some can only be found on wild, uncharted islands. The mazes will feature bosses that players must defeat in order to take their fair share of the plundered treasure. Players can also discover treasure by fishing and salvaging and can sell whatever they don't want.

One of the professions a player can choose and that every party needs is the Voyager. The Voyager is a pirate that is an expert in exploration and discovering the ocean's treasures. He also has the ability to wield magic on land, which is a bit of an interesting twist for a pirate themed game. If you want more swashbuckling check out Tales of Pirates II at http://top2.igg.com.


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