Tabula Rasa Ends Transmission After Final Assault

The Tabula Rasa servers have shut down, but the game certainly went out with a bang. Friday's transmission on the official Web site announced that Special Intelligence units had intercepted and decoded Bane communications and discovered the enemy was planning a massive offensive attack. Players were advised to fortify defenses at every AFS base in preparation for the assult: "We can not afford to be complacent or uncertain, but if it is truly our destiny to be destroyed, we are taking them all with us."

It seems Tabula Rasa's destiny was indeed to be destroyed, but the team was able to sign off with one final message : "As we return to Earth, our battle comes to an end. Thank you to all the fans who have supported us for the last few years! We hope you have enjoyed your journey through the galaxy and that the next worlds you visit will be filled with excitement and fun."

The team thanked the game's community for its passion and noted that "with every end comes a new beginning." In the case of Tabula Rasa, that ending was an all-out war to bring closure for fans.


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