PvP System Launches in Asda Story

We reported back in April that Gamescampus.com had launched a PvP test server to prepare for the launch of Asda Story's combat system. Well, the publisher of the free-to-play MMO announced today that the PvP system is now live. Players may choose to allign themselves with the factions of Light, Darkness or Chaos to compete against each other in a battlefield that can hold up to 90 combatants! While only one map is available now, more will be added in the future.

According to a press release, players can "gain Warfare Points both by defeating players of the other Factions in direct combat, or capturing Fortresses owned by the other Factions located around the map." By participating in these battles, players can earn items and gear not available elsewhere in the game.

The full press release announcing the PvP system can be found after the jump.

San Jose, Calif. (June 10, 2009) - San Jose-based online game publisher, Gamescampus.com (www.gamescampus.com, run by OnNet USA), announced today that it has launched the new Faction Warfare Player Vs. Player (PvP) combat system in its popular MMORPG, Asda Story http://asdastory.gamescampus.com/.

As part of the new system, players may select from one of the following Factions which will serve as their character's PvP allegiance against other players' Factions in the weeks to come: Light, Darkness, and Chaos. After players have selected which Faction they would like to fight for, they may apply for scheduled Faction War Battlefield matches that pit the three opposing Factions against one another in a fight to capture Fortresses around a special Battlefield Map, with additional warfare maps to follow soon.  Up to 30 players from each Faction may join in the fight, with up to 90 players mixing it up in intense combat at one time.

As each Battlefield fills, new ones will open to accommodate every player that wishes to participate in the fighting. Faction teams are balanced for each Battlefield based on level and number of players participating to ensure even, heart pounding fights every time. Split into Attack Units with Attack Captains leading their troops into the field, players are able to gain Warfare Points both by defeating players of the other Factions in direct combat, or capturing Fortresses owned by the other Factions located around the map.

The more players fight and compete in the Faction Wars, the more Experience, Honor Points, and Honor Coins they will receive towards special Faction Warfare items and gear that is not available anywhere else in the game. In addition, they will gain PvP Rankings to unlock access to even better and more powerful items.

Based on a colorful, bright and cheerful world, Asda Story is a free to play exciting fantasy-style anime 3D MMORPG game that features a unique 'Soul Mate System.' The unique party system offers two players the ability to align to become 'soul mates' in-game and grants them access to unique perks and the ability to activate special powers together with their Soul Mate. Another key feature of the game is the 'Real Costume System,' which gives players some of the most extensive personalization and design options ever seen in an MMORPG.

For more information about Gamescampus.com or Asda Story, please visit www.gamescampus.com.


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