Asda Story Launches Valentine Events And Costumes

According to a post on the Asda Story website, the team will be launching a slew of Valentine's Day events for the month of February. The first event, the Valentine's Candyshop Crafting Event, will allow players to create some neat Valentine's Day Candy to restore their health and mana, as well as the ability to craft the... Donut Sword? In addition to this, there will be a Valentine's Day Pet Event, where monsters will be dropping tokens left and right that spell out L-O-V-E. Players who collect all four tokens will be able to receive a special "Valentine's Day Pet Egg," which can then be hatched into their very own pet. At the end of March 2nd, 2010, players who have managed to get their pet above the "Great Adult" level will also be able to keep them permanently!

Finally, there will also be an "attendance event," where players can visit the event NPC in town every day to receive "attendance tickets," which can then be redeemed for some additional gifts, as well as the opportunity to win a raffle draw for up to 5,000 Campus Credits!

That's a lot of events to have for one day, and that's not even including the bonus double EXP and double drop rate weekend!


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