Asheron's Call is Having a Wedding

Your invited to the wedding of Hoshino Kei and Borelean Strathelar this May!

Way to go, Asheron's Call. When everyone else if focused on zombie pirates and cataclysms, you decide to blaze a new trail and center your may update around something we can all relate to: a wedding. Important and recognizable characters Hoshino Kei and Borelean Strathelar will be getting hitched this spring by none other than Asheron himself and you're invited.

The quests and tasks for Asheron's Call players are based around preparations for the wedding itself. The developers have been hard at work creating the appropriate outdoor setting for the wedding and organizing people to play the NPC's during the ceremony. Their developers diary talks about how planning an MMO wedding is strikingly similar to planning a real one and everyone at developer Turbine, including those who work on Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, were putting in their opinions on what the wedding colors and decorations should be.

For more about the celebrations, check out the Asheron's Call update page.


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