Asheron's Call Producer Outlines 2011 Updates

Turbine just unveiled a new Twitter page for Asheron's Call, which kicked things off by pointing players to the 2011 Producer's Letter from Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini. After looking back at the 2010 updates, Ciccolini dives into the team's plans for this year.

Ciccolini says that the major focus of 2011 will be on content, storyline and improved playability. The first big update will come in May, and here's what players can expect to see in the patch:

"This update focuses on new adventuring areas where characters can continue experiencing the storyline. It will also provide more direction for characters to find quests as they level from 50 to 100. We also want some interface improvements to make their appearance in May such as making an alternate examination window that doesn’t cover your backpack when you open it. There’s even a chance that the May update could also include the next playable race."

The team plans to add more armor, more character options and other new interface features during the monthly updates. Ciccolini also hints that the final race could be released in October.


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