Screenshots of the Week: Azarel's Temple

Explore one of Southern Arun's hidden secrets.

The tenth installment of the official Screenshot of the Week was released just today by Scapes. It features an instance dungeon which some lucky testers were able to experience during the last Focus Group Test.

Click read more to check out the foreboding architecture and nightmarish monsters.

We've reached our tenth installment of Screenshots of the Week! In the interest of more thematic titles (and because my keyboard doesn't have a "10" key), we'll start using the name of the region or focus of the installment in the title.

This week, we explore one of Southern Arun's hidden secrets: Azarel's Temple. Obscured by thick jungles and defended by fierce guardians, this golden ziggurat is a monument of foreboding. Many amateur archeologists have met their end before setting foot inside, stunned by the temple's shimmering glow as the sun's rays beat down upon it, and blind to the ancient sentinels charging toward them.

Click images for larger sizes.

Shield your eyes from the temple's brilliant ruby beacon, guard yourself from the savage horrors born of nightmares, and perhaps you, too, will win entrance into this forbidden palace. It is then that your mettle will truly be tested.
-- Scapes


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