Revamped Ether Saga Odyssey Launches April 27

Ether Saga Online marked its second anniversary last month, and Perfect World Entertainment is following the milestone by giving the game a facelift and a new name on April 27. The launch of Ether Saga Odyssey will bring with it a pet training system with new pets to capture, an upgraded game engine, an improved UI and more.

Watch the trailer below to see Ether Saga Odyssey in action, and be sure to check out the list of the game's features after the jump. For more details, head over to the game's official site.


  • Pet Training System - With hundreds of pets to capture and tame, summon and train them to battle alongside with you while create stronger breeds with new abilities
  • Monster Card System - Collect monster cards, transform into monsters as well as gain access to new attributes and skills
  • Mini Games - Play a variety of fun casual games simultaneously as you complete quests
  • 4 Distinct Races with 8 Advanced Classes - Each race has a unique look, mission and play style
  • Character Customization - Customize the facial features and fashion of your character, choose from 9 different crafting and gathering skills as well as a variety of professions with skills ranging from forging armor and weapons, concocting potions, or creating items for your pets
  • Ease of Access and Play/Improved UI - Additional visual aids and integrated Navigation System with auto-route feature for quick and easy routing to various locations and quest objectives
  • Upgraded Game Engine - See polished art style as well as catchy, vibrant, and high quality graphics in concept art, screenshots, videos, and more


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