Ether Saga Odyssey Features Unveiled

You may recall that Perfect World Entertainment recently announced that Ether Saga Online will be getting a new name and facelift on April 27. The new name will be Ether Saga Odyssey, and Perfect World has just released a sneak peek of some of the other features players have to look forward to tomorrow.

Players will see Pokari City's new layout, new buildings, and new foliage. The new Pokari City is also several times larger, giving players even more room to roam. Odyssey introduces the new Mogui race, with two new classes: Hellion and Maven. The existing three races will also be aligned to specific classes: Ren - Dragoon and Ranger; Shenzu - Conjurer and Mystic; and Yaoh - Rogue and Shaman.

Players will also see new character customization options, a revamped user interface and a level cap increase from 105 to 120. Level 105+ players will have access to Korson Heights, a new area that is located south of Ziminian Domain. This exclusive area for 105+ players will introduce two new cities: Sky Port Leandris and Tollan.

For more details on all that's coming with Ether Saga Odyssey, check out the official site.


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